What makes our products so successful for advertising?

  • Whether it be a Rooftop Balloon, an Electronic Message Board or even just a Wavy Man, our products help you to stand out from the crowd and be noticed!
  • As time goes by, static signage becomes ineffective as it blends in with the surroundings and the hundreds of other static signs along the same road. Our hire products get you NOTICED!
  • Our products aim to specifically target and stimulate new customers, as well as remind past and present customers that you are still open for business.

It’s all about Promotion

Promotion is often said to be the most important ‘P’ of the well- known 5 P’s Marketing Model. It is through promotion that chosen target groups are informed about an organisation and its products. Our Rooftop Balloon and Message Signs are well suited to conveying this essential information to a target audience.

Targeting the right people

The customers most likely to attend your store are those who frequent the area or are passing by. This does not necessarily mean they live in the immediate area; it could be that they work nearby or are commuting past your store. Our range of products are usually set up on or near your premises, directly reaching out to the people that are most likely to buy, and therefore ensuring the highest possible return on your marketing spend.

Selecting the right product for your needs

Not sure whether a Rooftop Balloon and Message Sign would be more suitable? Please click on the above links to the specific products to learn more, alternatively we are more than happy to help and provide our advice. Please feel free to contact us via the Contacts page, we are friendly, always have time to talk, and best of all we don’t bite! 😉

We can help with every step of the process!

It’s simple, we are here to help! What’s most valuable to us is that you, the customer, get the maximum return from using our products. We are available via phone or email to help you out along the way!

Call today to hire our great advertising products to stand out now!