RPM Hire Klemmfix is a barrier system made from high impact plastic used to assist with traffic guidance.

The high impact plastic allows for the barrier to restore to original state if struck by a vehicle. Klemmfix are a low cost, highly visible barrier available for hire throughout Australia. Klemmfix feature bright coloured panels with reflectors, that make the barrier visible at night and in changing weather conditions.  These panels are then attached to yellow bases with a steel hook interlocking system. The interlocking installation system allows for easy installation, reducing set up time. Klemmfix is suitable for active construction sites on standard roads, freeways and highways. RPM Hire have Klemmfix barrier available for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.

The RPM Hire team are trained and experienced in safely transporting, installing and removing Klemmfix barriers. Contact team online today.

Key Features

  • Easy to install, reducing set up time and cost
  • Interlocking system with steel hook
  • Klemmfix panels are made from high impact strong plastic
  • All weather durability
  • Bright yellow bases/guide kerb
  • Ability to restore to upright position if struck by a vehicle
  • Reflective night time visibility
  • Handle on top on the klemmfix panel for quick transportation


RPM Hire klemmfix barrier paddle and base measurements

Height 990mm
Width 235mm
Weight 2.1kgs
Length 1m
Width 270mm
Weight 16 kgs

The Klemmfix system consists of a high impact plastic panel that is secured to a yellow base which is used to assist with traffic guidance.

The high impact plastic panel lets the barrier restore to original state if struck by a vehicle.

Horizont Klemmfix can be used for traffic guidance on roads throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. The Klemmfix system can be used for applications where traffic guidance is required, including active construction sites, motorways, freeways and highways, in addition to standard roads.

RPM Hire stock large quantities of the Klemmfix barrier system, available for short-term and long-term hire. We can help with Klemmfix rental rates and any questions that you may have, contact our team of equipment experts online now via the contact form or call today on 1300 479 570.

Alternatively, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for information on minimum hire period, equipment logistics, installation and more.

Klemmfix Paddle Height 990mm, Width 235mm, Weight 2.1kgs and Klemmfix Base Length 1m, Width 270, Weight 16kgs.

RPM Hire have a large range of traffic management equipment available for hire including road safety barriers, such as concrete barriers and steel barriers, crash cushions, lighting solutions, variable message signs, portable traffic lights , Steel road plates and more.

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