Portable Traffic Lights

Ideal for road constructions, bridge maintenance and events, ECO Portable Traffic Lights are trailer mounted and easy to set up. The solar panelled traffic lights are multi-way capable for intersection and T-junction control.

Key features

  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly
  • Radio link communication
  • LCD display
  • Low powered
  • High brightness
  • LED lanterns
  • Easy setup (one person can setup it in less than 10 minutes);
  • Default System reverts to flashing yellow if there is a break in communication


  • Power: 2 x 120 solar panels
  • Batteries: 2 x 210ah deep cycle
  • Controllers CS 200
  • Lanterns 200mm LED
  • Raise lower mechanism electronic actuation
  • Trailer Size: 3,4m long (when connected) x 1,65m wide

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