What Are The Top Ten Benefits Of Portable (Trailer Mounted) Electronic Traffic Equipment?

What Are The Top Ten Benefits Of Portable (Trailer Mounted) Electronic Traffic Equipment?

No matter whether you are completing roadworks or holding a major event, portable traffic equipment is essential in helping to keep staff and members of the public safe. Incorporating the right trailer mounted equipment is not just about safety, though, as it can also help to improve the efficiency of your project. 

Here at RPM Hire, we know how important traffic equipment and electronic signage are to your project. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering not only the very best products at affordable prices but also exceptional customer service. 

If you’re not sure if portable traffic lights and electronic signage are right for you, we have taken a closer look at the top ten benefits they can provide you:


  • Portable 

Of course, the biggest benefit of mobile traffic equipment is that they are incredibly easy to move around. Their portable nature means they can be quickly and easily manoeuvred around your site, ensuring they are always working to maximise the efficiency of your project. 

For roadworks, that means that all electronic signage (Variable Message Signs, Arrow Boards and Variable Speed Limit Signs) and traffic lights can move as your team progresses, helping to slow the spread of traffic. For major events, this equipment can be changed to quickly respond to crowd movements. 

Portable Traffic Light

  • Quick set up 

Not only is portable traffic equipment easy to manoeuvre, but they are also incredibly quick to set up and takedown. That means your team are not having to face long days of setting up or packing down, ensuring they can focus on the task at hand. 

This quick installation process will also help you to maximise the efficiency of your project and reduce the number of days you need to be on site. Our highly experienced team are able to quickly set up and take down all equipment so you do not need to worry. 


  • Minimal maintenance 

Trailer mounted equipment also requires minimal maintenance, especially when you hire portable traffic lights from trusted companies such as RPM Hire. This is because each piece of equipment is thoroughly reviewed and tested before and after each project, with any signs of wear and tear being fixed. 

This ensures that you can have complete peace of mind that your projects will be able to go uninterrupted and your equipment will not require ay lengthy maintenance tasks. 


  • No need for a mains connection

Another major benefit of mobile traffic lights and portable electronic signage is that there is no need to connect them to the main power supply. The portable traffic equipment that we provide here at RPM Hire offers solar powered operation and features a back-up battery to guarantee you can enjoy 24/7 run time. 

This ensures that you are able to place them wherever you need to on your work site without having to run long power cables across the area. 


  • Environmentally friendly 

Not only does that solar power mean you can have complete peace of mind that your electric signage is able to remain functioning throughout the night, but it also means the equipment is environmentally friendly.  

This solar power, combined with the battery back-up, ensures you can minimise your carbon footprint and support your company in being more efficient. 


  • Suitable for all surfaces 

Trailer mounted equipment is also incredibly versatile and can be placed on a huge array of different surfaces. That ensures that you do not need to worry about clearing a space or creating a temporary structure. 

You will be able to place your portable traffic lights and electronic signage on anything from gravel and tarmac to grass and dirt, ensuring you can quickly cover your entire site. To guarantee you can have complete peace of mind that your remote traffic lights are correctly installed, our highly experienced RPM Hire team will be able to support you in setting your traffic equipment up. We will make sure that they are safely placed and secure, ensuring your project will operate smoothly. 

Variable Message Sign Photo

  • Highly visible 

Visibility is essential when it comes to trailer mounted equipment. Ensuring that visitors, drivers and staff can clearly see all electronic signage is crucial in maximising safety and reducing the risk of an accident. 

Our RPM Hire traffic equipment is specifically chosen for its high quality and brightness, with our portable traffic lights utilising 200mm LED lanterns. This ensures that drivers and staff can clearly see all signals and messaging from a distance, allowing them to react in time and reduce speed. 


  • Customise messaging 

Trying to manage and control traffic, no matter whether through a section of roadworks or entering/exiting a major event, can be incredibly complex. Things can change incredibly quickly, which means being able to adapt and change your messaging is critical to ensuring maximum safety and efficiency. 

All of our trailer mounted equipment can be quickly and remotely updated via a laptop. This ensures that you can change any messaging or traffic light sequence as required, helping you to better control the flow of traffic. 


  • Reduce costs 

Remote traffic lights and electronic signage can also be a great way to help you save money on your projects. Thanks to being portable, you can quickly and easily transport them around the site as required, allowing you to reduce the amount of equipment you need on-site. 

Hiring trailer mounted equipment allows you to take those cost savings even further. Utilising these services, such as those we offer here at RPM Hire, will allow you to remove the need to not only buy the traffic equipment outright but also the ongoing costs of storing it. 

Variable Message Signs being transported

  • Highly versatile 

Finally, remote traffic lights and electronic signage solutions are incredibly versatile and can be used in a huge array of scenarios and situations. Coming with various application modes and options, you can ensure that your trailer mounted equipment is always working to meet your requirements and supporting you to make the task at hand as efficient and simple as possible. 


In need of portable traffic equipment?

Are you looking for trailer mounted traffic equipment that you can trust? Then RPM Hire is here to help you. Founded in 2011, for the last decade we have been working with customers across Australia, providing them with the latest electronic signage and portable traffic lights on the market. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best experience possible for our clients, which is why our specialist team will support you every step of the way. From ensuring you find the right equipment for your needs to helping you install it, you can have complete confidence that RPM Hire is working to enhance your project. We also offer 24/7 support in the rare event something goes wrong, or you need help, while our peace of mind damage guarantee will protect you against vandalism, theft, damage and natural disasters.  

So if you are in need of the very best portable signage solutions for your next project, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

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