Smart Crash Cushion

Smart Crash Cushion

Introducing the SMART CRASH CUSHION available for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.

SMART CRASH CUSHION’s unique design allows it to withstand a MASH TL-3 rated impact from all directions – front, side-on and even reverse angle during contra-flow – with no structural damage.

It is the only barrier design that absorbs all the impact energy without deforming elastomeric materials, damaging the attenuator or rebounding the vehicle. SMART CRASH CUSHION dissipates energy both by mechanical and by hydraulic means, with three interacting processes working simultaneously to safely reduce the impacting vehicle’s momentum.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy resets for reduced worker exposure to traffic.
  • No mobilization required after side impacts reduces public and worker exposure.
  • Few replacement parts requirement virtually eliminates spare parts inventory and parts costs.
  • The only variable force attenuator in existence gives the safest ride-down based on speed
  • Designed for high frequency impact zones
  • Time and cost saving with low maintenance and rapid repair
  • Increased safety for vehicle occupants and for the work crew in the work zone
  • Frontal impact energy absorbed without vehicle rebound
  • All impact energy safely dissipated within the system to protect repair crew
  • Tapered design to allow stress-free collapse of the system and easy reset
  • Designed to provide value for all stakeholders

Dimensions & Weight

SCI 70 GM SCI 100 GM
Width 24 inch (610 mm) 24 inch (610 mm)
Length 13 ½ feet (4115 mm) 21 ½ feet (6550 mm)
Height 33 inch (840 mm) 33 inch (840 mm)
Weight 2465 lbs. (1120 kg) 3450 lbs. (1570 kg)
Test Level TL-2 TL-3

Necessary Locations (see Figure 1 – Necessary Locations):

  • There is reverse direction traffic within the clear zone.
  • The barrier intrudes into the side panels’ travel zone.







Figure 1 – Necessary Locations

Examples are median applications with bidirectional traffic, two lane roads with crossover potential, etc.

Unnecessary Locations (see Figure 2 – Unnecessary Locations):

  • No reverse direction traffic within the clear zone.
  • The barrier does not intrude into the side panels’ travel zone.






Figure 2 – Unnecessary Locations

Examples are traffic splits, shoulder applications with no crossover potential, one-way roads, etc.

Determining Side of Transition

The transition’s side is determined by standing at the front of the attenuator looking rearward toward the barrier to choose between left and right.

The SMART CUSHION attenuators use a patented system for stopping vehicles. The system is speed dependent and stops small and large vehicles by automatically regulating the stopping force exerted on a vehicle. Essentially, the system provides the necessary forces based on the speed of the vehicle automatically compensating for the mass of the vehicle.

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