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Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Traffic management road safety signs

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are designed to bring attention to your store and drive more foot traffic through the doors.

Advertising Signs

Our products aim to specifically target and stimulate new customers, as well as remind past and present customers that you are still open for business.

image-Arrow Board on hire

Arrow Boards

Road traffic management arrow boards

Arrow boards are designed to improve road safety and assist traffic management.

Portable light towers

Can run up to 170 hours on one tank

Portable light towers are ultra quiet and with 85% of light focused on task

green and red portable traffic lights for traffic control

Portable traffic lights

Easy to setup

Solar powered portable traffic lights are easy to setup by one person in under 10 minutes


Klemmfix is a barrier made from high impact plastic, allowing the barrier to restore to original state if struck by a vehicle.



Our Portabooms are a safe traffic control method that protect a workzone.

Crash Cushion – Absorb 350

RPM Absorb 350 Crash Cushions are water filled barriers that are able to connect to different types of concrete barriers.

crash-cushion QuadGuard CZ

Crash Cushion – QuadGuard CZ

The QuadGuard® CZ relocatable crash cushion offers the latest technology for shielding hazards 610mm to 915mm wide.
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Concrete Barriers

Image of Steel Barriers

Steel Barriers


Water filled barriers / Armorzones

Our Armorzone Barriers are a high quality plastic water filled barrier that only require a steel twin pin connector for installation.


Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS)

Ideal for active road construction sites and roads that require temporary speed limits.

CCTV Trailer

Portable CCTV can be used for a variety of purposes including, live traffic monitoring, recording traffic movements/ conditions, traffic, pedestrian and cyclists counts, collecting evidence for traffic modelling and traffic surveying.


Peace of Mind Damage Guarantee

At RPM Hire we understand that ANYTHING can happen!

Our unique industry leading peace of mind damage guarantee – provides full coverage for theft/damage/graffiti.

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