360° Portable Light Tower

RPM Hire have a range of different portable light towers available for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.

RPM Hire’s ECO 360° LED mobile lighting tower is the ultimate portable lighting solution available to hire. Boasting the latest technology with an efficient 2-cylinder diesel engine and automatic mast operating system. The outdoor lighting tower disperses 360° of light evenly around the tower to increase visibility.

Illuminate your next civil works, construction site, roadworks, event or major project with the effective trailer mounted light tower. The outdoor light tower ignites immediately and  provides bright non glare light for up to 200hrs.

Key Features

  • Non-glare light is distributed 360° around the light tower
  • Fuel efficient 2 cylinder, 1500rpm, water cooled diesel engine
  • 200-hour operating time – reduced maintenance & fuel costs
  • 48V extra low voltage lighting system
  • Automatic mast operating safety system
  • Auto Start/Stop light sensor
  • Lamps ignite immediately
  • Environmentally sustainable lighting solution
  • CO2 reduction of 888kg per month
  • Equipped to a mobile road ready trailer
  • Compact and robust design, with stabilising legs for extra support

RPM Hire’s trailer mounted light towers are practical and portable making them a great light source for many applications including roadworks, construction sites, industrial and civil works, government projects and social events.

Traffic Control & Management

The 360° LED portable lighting tower is a favourable lighting option during road works and major projects, providing highly efficient non glare lighting without disturbing motorists passing by.

Construction and Mining Sites

Quick and easy illumination can be achieved throughout the worksite with one or more light towers. The light is distributed evenly to provide a superior level of visibility and can highlight worksite dangers such as trip hazards, tools and other obstacles common in worksites.


Trailer mounted light towers can be used to provide portable lighting for your next social event, to effectively illuminate night events and increase safety for participants. Improve the safety of your participants by highlighting entry and exit paths, and any other area needed to be visible in the night.


  • Light Watts: 6 x 150w
  • Light Output – lumens: 121,500
  • Type of light: LED


  • Mast Height: 9m
  • Mast Type: Hydraulic


  • Sound Levels: 62dBA @ 7m


  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.55 L/h
  • Fuel Tank: 110L



Length 2550mm
Width Min/Max 1380/1550mm
Height Min/Max 2550/9000mm
Dry Weight 936kg

RPM Hire’s ECO 360° LED light towers are portable and ready to light up work sites with a low noise level of 62dBA @ 7m.

RPM Hire light towers are considered to be an environmentally sustainable lighting solution. The light towers operate with LED lights and a low voltage system. This means maximum light output for the user, with minimum cost to the environment, with an overall CO2 reduction of 888kg per month when compared to other light towers.

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