Efficient Worksite Lighting Solutions

Efficient Worksite Lighting Solutions

Creating a safe environment when setting up a worksite should be at the top of a company’s priority list. If employees are working night shifts, there needs to be temporary construction lighting identifying any potential hazards. RPM Hire provides impeccable worksite lighting and power solutions to worksites around Australia. To correlate with the temporary lighting requirements for construction (1 lumen per square meter), read on to find out ‘how to develop a lighting plan’ and the best worksite lighting and power solutions on the market.


Table of Content

  • Why you Need Temporary Construction Lighting
  • How to Develop a Lighting Plan
  • RPM Hire’s Range of Temporary Construction Light Solutions
  • The Benefits of RPM Hire’s Worksite Lighting and Power Solution


Why You Need Temporary Construction Lighting

The construction industry in Australia is ever-expanding, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. The demand for construction and road workers to function around the clock is apparent. 

To accommodate the growing industry demands, construction companies have started working through the night, but with a night time environment comes an increase in safety precautions. Enter RPM Hire with efficient worksite lighting solutions – but first, you have to consider how much light you will need for your project.


How to Develop a Lighting Plan

Figuring out what lighting you need circumstantially has proven to be inefficient. Every time lighting is moved to another location of the worksite, the company loses money. If the lighting is poor and deemed unsafe work must discontinue until temporary construction lighting is installed; this can cost the company thousands of dollars. Let’s discuss how you can prevent such hindrances from happening.

The answer to the problem is developing a detailed lighting plan. Sketch out a blueprint of the worksite, the layout should include what kind of work will take place on-site, equipment on-site, and the worker’s location on-site. Include any other obstructions that may cause shadowing in any areas. Developing a lighting plan will eliminate any problems arising when workers get to the job site.

It’s vital to be proactive when it comes to safety. Remember to plan for the possibility of worksite expansion and the need for portable lighting solutions opposed to stationary lighting solutions. When it comes to road works, the job can stretch hundreds of meters which portable lighting solution will be in demand. Again, if work has to grind to a halt because all contributing factors weren’t taken into consideration; time and money are wasted. 


RPM Hire’s Range of Temporary Construction Light Solutions

RPM Hire supply construction sites, worksites, roadworks and events with state of the art lighting solutions. Let’s look at the functions and critical features of RPM Hire’s product range.


Portable Light Towers

The Portable Light Towers’ features make this integral piece of equipment at the top of the worksite checklist. The light tower can illuminate up to 3800 square metres.

With 200 hours of operation time, streamline productivity and save time and energy by avoiding constant refuelling. The RPM ECO LED comes trailer-mounted, making transport and set-up extremely efficient.

RPM Hire has taken all aspects of working at night into consideration. With GPS tracking for enhanced security, so that no temporary construction lighting can go missing. There is no daily pack down for rain, hail or snow, ensuring complete weather resistance. 

RPM Hire understands that working at night can create noise pollution to surrounding suburbia, but with close to no noise qualities, the Portable Light Tower keeps all parties content.

Light Tower Image Infographic


360 Degree Light Towers

The 360 degree Light Tower has similar qualities to the Portable Light Tower but with a few additional features. Encompassing the highest level of technology in temporary construction lighting, the 360 degree Light Tower has an efficient 2 – cylinder diesel engine that is water-cooled to reduce fuel consumption. Complete with an automatic mast operating system; set up time is next to non-existent. With 360 degrees of light dispersed over the worksite, you can guarantee all workers are exposed to the highest quality of visibility. The LEDs light up immediately, which means turn it on and work can commence immediately! 

Light Tower Image Infographic



The Benefits of RPM Hire’s Worksite Lighting and Power Solutions

  • Safety 
    • Provides impeccable lighting, visibility for worksites, construction site, road works and events that operate at night.
  • Extended Operation
    • Eco-friendly, with an extended fuel life to maximise productivity; 200 hours for the Portable Light and 360 Degree Portable Light and up to 6 months for the T-Light.
  • Clear and Bright
    • The Portable Light can light up to 3800 square metres powered by 6 x 150 watt LED lamps. Whatever the worksite, RPM Hire can make it clear, bright, and more importantly, safe.
  • Mobile and GPS Tracking
    • Portable lighting to prevent delays with GPS tracking to avoid any confusion.
  • Low Noise
    • Keeping all parties happy, next to no noise pollution.
  • Durable and Weatherproof
    • Maintain peace of mind with RPM Hire’s lighting range, ensuring durability and 100% weatherproof qualities.


RPM Hire

RPM Hire takes safety, organisation, and practicality to the next level through outstanding customer service coinciding with a wide range of quality products and services. Contact our team of experts for Lighting hire today on 1300 479 570. 


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