VSLS – Variable Speed Limit Signs

VSLS are highly visible, compact and reliable. 

RPM Hire’s director Ash Woodcock explains how Variable Speed Limit Signs can be used to effectively reduce motorist’s speeds. 

RPM Hire can assist with your next Variable Speed Limit Sign hire Australia wide. 

Variable Speed Limit Sign are electronic speed limits signs that are trailer mounted, for ease of portability and can be set up at most locations. VSLS are ideal for areas requiring temporary speed limit signs, and are effective in reducing motorists’ speed approaching roadworks and temporary speed restricted areas. RPM Hire’s VSLS is an essential piece of traffic management equipment for reducing motorist speed through a worksite, remote programming capabilities provide users with the ability to instantly adjust the speed displayed.

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Key Features

  • On-site or remotely programmable
  • Cost effective speed reduction
  • High-power solar panel
  • Effective speed reduction
  • Battery capacity for up to 6 days use with limited sun exposure
  • Ultra-bright, weatherproof and vandal resistant LED display
  • Linear actuator lift mechanism to raise display up to 2.1m above ground
  • 120° rotatable display
  • High intensity display suitable for bright sun viewing
  • Automatic/manual brightness control
  • GPS monitoring
  • Increased Road Safety – Eliminating the need for roadworkers to be on the road and exposed to live traffic conditions
  • Single axle, hand braked trailer with jockey wheel & corner stabilisers
  • Aluminium & galvanised steel trailer with weather-resistant powder-coat finish
  • High-quality powder-coated aluminium enclosures (IP65)
  • Display enclosure dimensions (H) 996mm x (W) 1012mm x (D) 130mm
  • Trailer overall dimensions (L) 2.83m x (W) 1.34m x (H) 2.05m
  • Full matrix display 40 x 24 pixels
  • 5 ring LED annulus 890mm

VSLS electronic speed signs operate via solar power, speed changes can be accessed remotely via mobile or computer with an internet connection.

If you have travelled along an area where roadworks have been conducted, it’s likely that you have come across a Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS). The electronic speed limit signs are a form of traffic management equipment.  Read more about VSLS in our latest blog post here.

Mobile speed advisory signs can be used to reduce and management speeds for many different roads including highways, freeways, arterial roads and local roads.

VSLS can be used to successfully reduce motorists’ speed through approaching roadworks, during major projects, through live job sites and temporary speed restricted areas.

RPM Hire provide affordable variable speed limit sign hire rates.

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Our team of logistics experts can delivery and set up your VSLS, once the hire period has been completed our team will collect the equipment, with minimal customer involvement required. With branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania RPM Hire will ensure you have the right traffic equipment  for your next project.

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