Variable Message Signs

Ideal for roadworks, advertising and events our solar powered variable message boards are high quality, environmentally friendly and can be remotely programmed. They offer 360 degree rotation, multi-language display, full graphics/animation and non-glare UV resistant screens to ensure messages are presented effectively.

Two different size VMS boards are available for hire, A-size (SML) and C-size (LGE).

Key Features

  • Highest quality 5 Colour LED Full Matrix (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber).
  • Solar powered / Environmentally friendly
  • Full graphics and animations
  • Auto lighting control
  • Global Positioning System:
  • Satellite Tracking & Tamper Alarm
  • Easy Remote Programming from any internet enabled PC / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile 


Trailer size A Class C Class
Height (Transport Mode) 2200mm 2730mm
Width (Transport Mode) 1600mm 1980mm
Length (Transport Mode) 2350mm 2400mm
Height (Set Up) 3200mm 2850mm
Width (Set Up) 1600mm 2730mm
Length (Set Up) 2350mm 3600mm
Display size A Class C Class
Height 1040mm 1850mm
Width 1610mm 2730mm

Message Design

The most effective message is clear and easy to read, communicates the right information and triggers a response from your target audience.

The Number

  • Up to 10 characters per line (including any spaces)
  • Up to 4 lines of text per slide
  • No limit on the number of slides, but we recommend no more that 7-8 if targeting moving traffic; longer if targeting pedestrians.
  • Ideally, 3 lines of text and 8 characters per line

Time per Slide

  • Generally 2 seconds for 1,2 or 3 lines of text.
  • 3 seconds if the screen is flashing, or for 4 lines of text.
  • Can be longer if desired.

Message Hints

  • See our pictures for an idea of how many words per slide.
  • We can custom design logos or pictures

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