COVID Friendly Event Signs Hire

COVID Friendly Event Signs Hire

As the world begins to return to some level of normality, many outdoor events are starting to return. However, while we are all able to spend time together again, COVID event plans are still essential, and organisers need to ensure that they are adhering to all regulations. 

However, here at RPM Hire, we know how complex and confusing it can be when putting your COVID event plan together. From variable message signs to portable traffic lights, your outdoor events are now more comprehensive than ever before. These additional checks are creating a logistical challenge, slowing down entry and making regulating traffic far more difficult. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best equipment for our customers, allowing them to put on truly memorable events. Having worked with businesses and organisations across Australia for over a decade, we are the traffic management equipment specialists. So if you are struggling to understand what equipment you need to incorporate into your COVID event plan, we have taken a closer look at some of the most effective signage solutions you should use. 


Variable Message Signs 

One of the most important additions to any outdoor event in this post-COVID world is going to be the use of variable message signs. These are a fantastic solution for helping you to not only direct traffic and control the flow of attendees in and out of the event, but they can also be used to clearly relay important information. 

Every event manager will know that things can change rapidly on an event, and you will be required to adapt your plans. Variable message signs will give you the ability to accurately display the most up-to-date information to guests and staff. 

Here at RPM Hire, we have a huge array of variable message signs available, coming in both A and C sizing and offer complete 360-degree rotation. Each sign comes with five-colour LED Full Matrix lights and non-glare, UV-resistant screens, ensuring they can be clearly seen at a distance. 

Our Australian-made variable message signs are also solar powered, helping you to reduce your impact on the environment. To guarantee your signs will be able to operate 24/7 and give you complete peace of mind, they also come with a backup battery. 


Arrow Boards

Another essential item that any post-COVID event plan is going to require is the use of Arrow Boards. These trailer mounted arrows are able to easily direct traffic, either to certain destinations on the site or to different driving lanes. 

Each of our arrow boards are incredibly easy to program on-site, and they can be effortlessly changed as requirements change with more visitors or due to unexpected events. These highly visible signs come with an automatic brightness control setting, ensuring that they are always clearly visible to attendees and staff working at your event. 

We know how important it is to be as eco-friendly as possible, which is why each sign comes equipped with a 120-watt solar powered system. However, to ensure you have complete peace of mind, there is also a backup battery to allow for 24/7 operation. 


Light Towers 

Is your event going to be running through the night? As the sun sets, visibility is crucial in keeping your guests and staff safe. We have a wide range of ECO LED Light Towers available, ensuring your event can enjoy continuous illumination throughout the night. 

Each of our Light Towers offers up to 200 hours of operation time, while they are also equipped with a GPS tracker, allowing you to easily monitor and track them across large sites. These portable solutions can be manoeuvred into position across your site, ensuring that every aspect is lit up, maximising the safety of the event. Equipped with highly effective LED lamps, each light tower can cover up to 3,800 square metres.

We know that in this post-COVID world, reducing costs is essential. That is why all of our trailer-mounted lights feature reduced fuel consumption technology, helping you so enjoy significant fuel savings.  


Water Filled Barriers 

When it comes to organising traffic, water filled barriers are the perfect way for you to clearly mark out entry and exit routes as well as different lanes. Our water filled ArmorZone barriers are made from the highest quality and UV stabilised polythene, making them incredibly durable while also easy to manoeuvre. 

These bright orange barriers are clearly visible from a distance, ensuring that guests and workers are able to see where they need to go. Each barrier can be interlocked with a steel twin pin connector, ensuring that no matter the size of your site, you will always be able to create the size you need. 

Our experienced team are able to deploy 120m of barrier an hour, and these barriers can be used across a wide range of environments. 


CCTV Camera Trailers 

Security is an essential part of any COVID event plan, and our CCTV camera trailers will allow you to keep a close eye on your entire site with ease. These solar-powered cameras are able to offer recording and live streaming direct to a computer, mobile, or tablet, ensuring you are always able to track the flow of people and traffic. 

Each of our CCTV trailers has been built to the highest standards, and come with an adjustable mast that can extend up to ten metres, ensuring you have maximum viewing abilities. 

We only utilise the very best camera equipment, and WDR – Forensic Capture is able to capture high detail, even when they are recording at night in near darkness. 


Portable Traffic Lights 

Being able to stem the flow of guests entering and exiting your event is crucial in helping to reduce congestion and ensure swift vehicle management. Each of our portable traffic lights is operated by solar power while coming with a backup battery to guarantee 24/7 operations. 

Our portable traffic lights are a sustainable choice for those looking for an environmentally-friendly solution for their event. Each 200mm LED lantern also offers unrivalled visibility, ensuring drivers are always able to see them. 

The portable traffic lights come equipped to a strong and sturdy dual trailer system, which comes together as a single unit that can be easily separated onsite. These unique solutions will help you to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, maximising efficiency and safety. 


Looking to host an event?

If you are hosting an event in this post-COVID world, then RPM Hire is here to help you. Founded in 2011, our mission is to offer the very best products for our clients, helping them transform the safety, efficiency and security of their event. Alongside the very best products, we pride ourselves on providing truly outstanding customer service. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. You can check out some of our customer stories here.

So if you are putting a COVID event plan together and want to ensure that your next event is running as smoothly as possible, check out our full range of equipment today. Still have a question? Our team is always happy to help, so get in touch!  


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