Why you should have a Portable CCTV Camera Trailer for Road Traffic and Construction Site Monitoring?  

Why you should have a Portable CCTV Camera Trailer for Road Traffic and Construction Site Monitoring?  

With the ongoing need to have vision on site 24/7 and recent advances in technology many people are considering portable CCTV cameras for temporary security monitoring and surveillance.  Whether you need to monitor expensive equipment and activities, for example on a busy construction site, or make sure everything is running smoothly after hours, the applications for CCTV camera trailers are endless. As well as the traditional uses of monitoring for security and surveillance purposes, RPM hire are helping our customers use Portable cameras for a much broader range of applications including traffic and pedestrian counts, road network surveillance, worksite safety and real time monitoring.  


What are Portable CCTV Camera Trailers?  

A closed circuit television (CCTV) camera is mounted to a solar powered trailer. The cameras provide remote access to live and continuous vision and has the ability to record footage either to a hard drive, or straight to the cloud. In the fast paced world we live in, having an extra set of eyes on the desired location 24/7, without having to physically be at that location can dramatically increase efficiencies.  

RPM Hire’s CCTV camera trailers are mobile and can be easily moved from one location to another. They can be used for temporary or long-term monitoring, depending on user requirements. CCTV camera trailers are a very useful piece of equipment that can be used across a range of different applications. 


Road Traffic Monitoring  

Road Traffic monitoring is often carried out by state road authorities to collect data of traffic movements, used to monitor traffic and assist in road developments. CCTV camera trailers can capture footage of a location over a short or long period of time. The footage can be viewed live from a mobile phone or through the web, or the footage can be recorded and viewed at a later date.    


CCTV camera trailers can be used to assist with road traffic monitoring which may be conducted for several reasons including  

  • Live traffic monitoring 
  • Recording traffic movements/ conditions  
  • Pedestrian and cyclists counts 
  • Monitoring traffic volumes  
  • Collecting evidence for traffic modelling 
  • Traffic surveying 
  • Time Lapse photos 

infographic benefits of using CCTV Camera trailers for traffic monitoring


Live Road Traffic Monitoring for West Gate Tunnel Project  

In a recent works with the West Gate Tunnel Project, the RPM Hire Portable CCTV Camera Trailer was used to provide live traffic monitoring. An incident occurred when a trailer rolled off the front of a truck and onto an active road. The Camera was linked directly into the Vicroads control room, through the use of STREAMS.  

Thanks to the live streaming vision of the incident, Vicroads staff were able to respond quickly and issue the appropriate emergency response units. Our customers are provided access to live footage which can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device around the world.  In a matter of minutes emergency vehicles were able to respond with the right equipment to assist the truck and divert active traffic, to prevent further incidents from occurring.   

We have inserted the actual footage recorded by RPM Hire’s portable CCTV camera trailers. Read the full details from the incident from the Vic Traffic team.  


West Gate Tunnel Project traffic monitoring incident – captured on CCTV Camera Trailer  

Live Road Traffic Monitoring for Northern Road Upgrade  

During the M4 closure on the Northern Road Upgrade project, 4 x RPM Hire’s CCTV Camera trailers were used to monitor live traffic. The cameras allowed for live viewing of multiple locations. Trailers were transported with ease from key hot spot locations, to watch traffic ques and monitor challenging intersections. This assisted with ensuring traffic ran smoothly throughout the closure.   


Monitoring on construction sites  

Construction sites are active worksites that will have several different workers entering and exiting the premises daily. They are also often a hub for storing large expensive equipment, machinery, building supplies and tools.  


Monitoring activities during and after hours on a construction site can be challenging.  

Many construction sites may not have access to power mains or suitable surfaces to install a CCTV camera. CCTV camera trailers can operate exclusively from solar power. The trailer can be easily set up and transported on most surfaces. This makes the trailers a great choice for construction site monitoring. Listed below are a number of applications where portable camera trailers can be used for construction site monitoring.    


Applications for CCTV Camera Trailers on construction sites  

  • Security and surveillance 
  • Monitoring site entry and exit  
  • Ensuring safe work practise are conducted  
  • Monitoring equipment and activities  
  • Preventing illegal rubbish dumping  
  • Remotely monitoring multiple sites  

If your concerned about the security of expensive equipment, a portable CCTV camera trailer could be what you need. They can provide an extra set of eyes on site; this is helpful especially after hours.  RPM Hire camera trailers are equipped with GSP tracking systems. The unit’s location and movement can easily be tracked for security and monitoring purposes. The camera trailers can be moved as desired, so transporting the camera location from one point to another can be done efficiently. With remote access a site manager can have live footage of multiple locations. This reduces the need to travel to multiple sites, to check in on different projects. That can be accessed remotely via your mobile or computer.  


RPM Hire CCTV Camera Trailers  

Custom built by our technical specialists, RPM Hire’s CCTV Camera Trailers consist of a high-tech camera mounted on a mast, that is then attached to a trailer. The unit is portable and can be set up quickly on a variety of different surfaces. The portable CCTV trailers have an adjustable mast, with the ability set up at 5 metres or 10 metres. 

8 Key features of RPM Hire’s CCTV Camera Trailers 

  1. Live Streaming – Live footage can be viewed and monitored on a mobile or desktop device with internet connection. We use a dedicated IP address to access the full functionality of the camera, with Axis Zipstream technology. 
  2. Video Recording – The cameras record in resolutions up to 1080p (HDTV) ensuring high quality footage.  
  3. Time Lapse – The camera can provide time lapse of both photos and video simultaneously.  
  4. 10 x Optical zoom and Continuous 360 pan – The pan and zoom options available can easily follow moving objects and zoom-in detail. 
  5. Operating in variable conditions – Protected against dust, rain, snow, and corrosion, the camera operates in temperatures from -20 °C to 50 °C. 
  6. Near Darkness Recording – The camera’s outstanding light-sensitivity means high-quality video even when it is recording in near darkness. 
  7. Three Scene profile – WDR – Forensic Capture ensures great detail when there are both bright and darker spots in a scene. 
  8. GPS  Tracking – An added security feature that makes units easy to locate and track.  



At RPM Hire we strive to provide the latest technology to our customers. If you’re interested or have any further questions about our CCTV Camera Trailers for construction site and traffic monitoring or for any other project, contact us via the contact page.  

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