When seeking locations the main things to keep in mind are the following;

Footpaths: VMS boards can be place on footpaths, however they cannot be blocking pedestrians from walking on the footpath. It is required that there has to be enough space for wheel chair access.

Clearways: VMS boards can not be place in clearway areas, but can be place in “No Standby” area.

Bike Lanes: Boards can not be place in bike lanes.

Roads: VMS boards are can not to be place on roads, however in some instances they can be placed half on the road, half one the footpath only if there is a parking strip on the road.

  A Size C Size
Height 2.1m 2.8m
Width  1.7m 1.9m
Length 2.35m 3.7m

How much text can be displayed on a VSM Board?

You can have up to 12-13 characters per line and fit up to 4 lines of text per screen. Screens are unlimited.

TIP 1: If you want to make your message more effective, keep it at 3 lines per screen.

TIP 2: If your using the VMS board for ROADWORKS purposes keep it at 3 lines per screen and 4 screen messages. This will allow target audience to read message with ease and receive all the right information.

TIP 3: If your using the VMS for ADVERTISING purposes be sure to change the colours of text to make it stand out.

Pre-works Message

In most cases VicRoads requires 3-4 days pre warning messages to create awareness to the local residents of the works that will be happening; below is an example of what you can display on the board:

TIP 1: Pre- messages are always a good way to give clear warning to the public who travels/ lives on streets nearby the works

TIP 2: Be sure to add in commencement and end dates, with the times works will take place


During works message

There are different options for “During works” messaging

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

TIP 1: When the works have started it’s always a good idea to change the message to inform the road/street is officially closed for works. By doing this it informs people they are no longer able to go through the road.

TIP 2: It’s always a good idea to give people a guide for detours, take the image below as an example;   


  • Add in company logo and name to inform customers where the sale is taking place
  • Use bright bold colours that will catch the viewers attention
  • Add new sales price
  • Include a deadline to the sale

Event message:


  • Add event name
  • Dates and times the event will be held
  • Location of where the event will take place

Keep in mind each screen displays for 3 seconds. Make your message short and sweet and straight to the point. 80% of viewers will be driving past the message board and only have a certain amount of time/ seconds to view your message.

Our staff are available 24/7 to assist you with anything you need, therefore if you need to change a message don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 479 570 or in some cases we are able to create a BARTCO account where you can control what is being uploaded onto your VMS.

It most cases we will deliver the equipment to worksite, business or location. If you are a traffic management company and wish to pick up equipment, please contact us for further information.

The damage waiver covers you for damage and theft of equipment. This waiver is optional and doesn’t need to be applied to your hire. Please keep in mind if you decide to not include this, you will be responsible for all charges if equipment is either damaged or stolen.

If you wish to exclude this please let the office staff know throughout the process of making your booking.

Terms and conditions apply, please click here.

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