FLEYG – Ramp for Steel Road Plates


A revolutionary alternative to traditional “cold mix” asphalting, that is 100% reusable, and 100% cleaner.

Road plate ramp hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart.

RPM Hire offer the latest steel road plate ramps available for hire. Introducing the Fleyg, the simpler and safer solution for ramping steel road plates. Fleyg are the ultimate noise-eliminating ramp solution for driving over steel road plates used to cover trenches in road construction. The Fleyg ramps are made primarily from rubber, which offers a noise-dampening effect. Fleyg road ramps are water-repellent and non-slip, complete with reflective markings to improve their visibility on site.

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Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Noise reduction – does not clatter when driven over
  • Increase safety by eliminating trip hazards
  • Highly visible reflectors ensure ramps are visible both day and night
  • Slip resistance – created with a special surface structure
  • Can be reused – greater choice for the environment
  • Cost-saving compared to ramps made using a coating
  • Made from durable weather resistant materials
  • Highly visible thanks to reflective markings
  • Sustainable equipment hire choice – made from rubber that can be reused
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Road plate reduction ramps can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Driveway access ramps
  • Road crossings ramps
  • Excavation protection ramps
  • Pedestrian access ramps
  • Temporary roads ramps
  • Crane access ramps
  • Construction excavation crossing ramps
  • Concrete protection ramps
FLEYG® 100
Dimensions 1000 x 400 x 42 mm
Weight 12 kg

Steel plates are vital in road cons­truction projects so that motorists, bicycles and pedestri­ans can bridge construction site obstacles.

Traditionally, Steel plates have mostly been laid using asphalt ramps. This method is not only time-consuming, but also extremely cost-intensive. In addition, the steel plates installed in this way cause considerable noise when crossing and damage to the environment.

The solution is FLEYG ramping

The majority of the Fleyg steel road plate ramp is made of rubber. Due to the material, the noise dampe­ning effect is already integrated. Fleyg is water-repellent and non-slip. The reflective markings also make it more visible.

Yes. Not only does Fleyg provide increase safety and cost saving for the user, it has been created with environmental impact front of mind.

The ramp is made from recycled rubber and can be reused, making it a great choice for the environment and a great alternative to cold mixture pouring.

The Fleyg steel plate road ramps provide sufficient benefits, especially when compared to the cold mix alternative.  In the past, steel road plate ramps were generally installed by pouring concrete ramps. This is time-consuming and expensive, and steel road plates installed using this method make a significant amount of noise when crossed. In addition, the excess cold mixture would often end up in drains of nearby roads and ultimately waste into the environment.

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Comparison Table: Asphalt Pavement and Fleyg

Asphalt pavement FLEYG
Usability Asphalt is only used once or

roads only once or not at all

not applicable

The Fleyg ramps are constructed from durable materials that can be reused


Sustainability single use Made from 100 % recycled material
Environmental Impact Excess mixture can end up into drainage.

Contributes to environmental waste

Made with environmental impact front of mind. Limiting the amount of environmental waste.
Gradient 17 – 30 % 8 %
Security – Tripping hazard for pedestrians

and bicycles

– Not well visible for all

Road users

– Visibility thanks to reflectors

– No tripping hazards

– Increased slip resistance and onsite safety

– Easy to install

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