What Steel Road Plate Size Specification is Right for You?

What Steel Road Plate Size Specification is Right for You?

Steel road plates are essential to keep vehicle and foot traffic moving around broken ground on your construction site, road works or excavation. RPM Hire have a range of plates manufactured from the highest quality materials and finished with safety and function front-of-mind. Deciding which steel road plate specification is the best fit for you is the first step in hiring the right solution from us. It’s a little more in depth than picking a plate that’s slightly bigger than the hole you’ve dug, however. We discuss the benefits of our steel road plates, when to use them and which plate is best for you.


What Do You Get When You Hire Steel Road Plates From RPM Hire?

Our plates are manufactured from 25mm AS3678-250 grade carbon steel. This provides an extremely heavy duty solution to any uneven ground getting in the way of your traffic. Our primary aim is to provide you with an extremely strong, quality plate capable of standing up to any likely load-bearing scenarios on site. The steel road plates you hire from RPM Hire are designed to be easily installed, secured and removed. All plates have a centre lifting point for safe, easy use with the Ranger Lock-n-Lift hook when getting your plates in and out. Prefabricated corner holes allow for quick and easy installation with road spikes. Our plates are also coated in a Dulux Duramesh non-slip finish providing an extra safe surface for pedestrians crossing the plate. Non-slip surfaces are not found on all hire road plates and our finish is a point of difference for RPM hire steel road plates.


When to Use Our Steel Road Plates?

The primary purpose of steel road plates is to keep vehicles and workmen moving safely and efficiently around a busy work site so you can get your job done. Over time wear from traffic, water erosion, excavation, potholes and sinkholes make the terrain around construction and road works dangerous and difficult to navigate. Steel road plates make vehicle movement smoother and safer. Plates can also provide a bridge across smaller excavations, ditches, potholes and sinkholes for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Longer plates can be laid horizontally and provide driveway access to your site over curbs, gutters and other raised terrain. Bridging road sides with plates not only makes traffic movement easier, it protects the existing infrastructure beneath the plate from damage by movement of larger vehicles and cranes.


Which Steel Road Plate is Right for you?

RPM Hire offers steel road plates in three specifications. All three are manufactured to the same thickness and get the same load-bearing job done. If you’re an industry specialist, you likely have a good idea what you’re using plates for and which specification works best in that situation – we’ll back our plates to get the job done for you. But as a guide, we suggest that our range is likely going to suit the following jobs:

  • Small (1.2m x 1.2m x 25mm) – Perfect as a spot solution for covering smaller areas of uneven or broken ground, potholes and providing pedestrian access across smaller depressions. The small plate is still just as strong and easy to install and secure. This is the plate you’re looking for as your starting point.
  • Medium (2.4m x 1.2m x 25mm) – An excellent solution for providing drive-way site access over gutters and other uneven terrain.Laid lengthways over the curb, the medium plate is large enough to accommodate smaller vehicles. This plate provides the same bridging solutions as the small plate across wider ditches, excavations and broken ground.

RPM Hire - Medium and Small Steel Road Plate

  • Large (3.0m x 1.5m x 25mm) – The go-to solution to safely cover larger excavations and deeper breaks in terrain including sink-holes. Several large plates can be laid side by side to provide a temporary driving surface for vehicles across large areas of broken terrain. The large plate also proved excellent vehicle access over gutters and curbs to larger vehicles and cranes. Larger plates are also perfect for protecting areas of concrete from damage by tracked vehicles and equipment.

RPM Hire - Large Steel Road Plate


How Do I Hire Steel Road Plates?

Contact us directly and the staff at RPM Hire will be able to help you with steel road plate hire prices, plate selection and options for installation and removal of your plates. We specialise in managing traffic flow around construction and road works. 

Talk to us about our extensive range of other traffic management and safety equipment when hiring your plates and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a complete solution for your site. We take pride in working closely with our customers to provide traffic management solutions, follow our customer stories to learn more

RPM Hire have a range of steel road plate options available. We’re confident we have the solution for whatever traffic movement problem you have on site. If you have any further questions about which plate is right for you, don’t forget to contact us directly.

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