Concrete Barriers

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RPM Hire concrete barriers and end treatments are available for short and long term hire. We stock J-J Hook and DeltaBloc (DB80) concrete road barriers, that are compliant with Australian road standards. 

Concrete road safety barriers are strong, robust and instantly recognisable. They provide a physical barrier and protection for motorists traveling through roadwork zones, in addition to the site workers in construction zones behind the barrier.

The RPM Hire team are trained and experienced in hiring, safely transporting, installing, and removing JJ Hooks and DeltaBloc (DB80) concrete road barriers. Concrete safety barriers provide a high level of containment and offer improved safety on roads for motorists, pedestrians, and site workers.

Key Features

  • Greatly improved safety for workers in construction work zones
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compliant with Australian road standards
  • Provides a high level of containment and protection
  • A range of installation options; barriers can be free-standing, bolted, or pinned
  • Easy to replace a damaged barrier
  • Optional Gawk Screens available to hire
  • Optional End Treatments available to hire


JJ Hooks – F-Shaped Barriers
Height 810mm
Width 606mm
Lengths 3.6m, 6m


Height 800mm
Width 580mm
Lengths 2m,4m,6m
JJ Hooks – F-Shaped Barriers  
Testing specifications MASH Test Level 3
Suitable for roads up to 100km (VIC & NSW)


Testing specifications MASH Test Level 3
Suitable for roads up to 100km (VIC & NSW)

Concrete Barrier Hire – Absorb 350


Concrete Barrier Hire – Screening/Fencing 

  • Barrier screening available for hire. Safety screening panels can be secured to the Concrete Barrier for enhanced safety and privacy.


RPM Hire have two types of concrete traffic barriers available for hire; DELTABLOC DB80 and JJ Hook barriers.

In addition to concrete barrier hire, we offer a range of end treatments including the QuadGuard CZ and the Absorb 350 for enhanced safety.

RPM Hire have concrete barricades and other temporary road barriers available for hire with a range of end treatments and barrier screens, if you have any questions about any of our equipment contact us online via our contact from.

Temporary road barriers are considered essential pieces of equipment for traffic management and construction site safety.

RPM hire offer transparent and affordable pricing, speak to one of our equipment specialists on 1300 479 570.

MASH Rating Information

RPM Hire concrete barriers available for hire are MASH tested to level 3.

What is MASH testing?

Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) comprises of a set of crash performance criteria for testing roadside safety hardware, created by AASHTO. The MASH guidelines and testing criteria, have evolved over the last 40 years and continue to incorporate current technology. In addition to the judgment and expertise of professionals in the field of roadside safety design.

Why is MASH testing important?

The purpose of MASH testing is to provide uniformed guidelines for the crash testing of both permanent and temporary highway safety features and recommended evaluation criteria to assess test results.

The performance criteria allows for the transportation industry to provide permanent and temporary road side systems that meet predicted performance through testing consistency, ensuring the correct road safety equipment is used for the required speed limits.

How are concrete barriers MASH tested?

Concrete barriers go through full scale crash testing, barriers are installed and tested in a controlled environment to see how well they perform.

RPM Hire have DeltaBloc (DB80) concrete barriers available for hire, that are MASH approved TL-3. This approval means that the barrier has been tested by beings hits with a 2270kgs pick-up truck/ute travelling up to 100km per hour with impacting angle of 25 degrees.

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