Crash Cushion 101: What is a QuadGuard?

Crash Cushion 101: The Quadguard

Crash Cushion 101: What is a QuadGuard?

When it comes to keeping your workers and other road users safe during construction work, crash cushions are a necessity. These robust road barriers are perfect for marking our worksites, creating protective barriers for events, or being utilised in high traffic areas. 

When it comes to finding the best crash cushions, QuadGuard is one of the most proven solutions on the market. Here at RPM Hire, we have the robust QuadGuard M10 CZ (sometimes referred to as QuadGuard CZ) available for hire, allowing you to fully protect your next event or project. 

We are big believers in the QuadGuard range, which is why we thought we would take a look at these innovative products. 


What is a crash cushion?

Before we take a look at the QuadGuard M10 solution, it is first important to understand what exactly a crash cushion is and the benefits that one can provide. In the simplest terms, a crash cushion, or impact attenuator as it is otherwise known, is a unique product that offers exceptional energy absorption, making it the perfect solution for use as roadside barriers. 

When a vehicle is travelling along, the velocity it is travelling at, and the overall weight of the car is what creates its momentum. In order to slow that momentum and bring the vehicle to a halt, then there needs to be an increase in weight or a decrease in velocity. Typically, this would be done by applying the brakes, gently slowing the vehicle to a complete stop. 

However, for vehicles travelling at a high speed, this requires a certain distance to stop the car. Crash cushions are designed to absorb the kinetic energy from a colliding vehicle, significantly slowing the car and reducing the risk of damage and injury to the vehicle, other structures and the driver. They are also able to redirect cars away from certain areas, minimising the risk of ending up in the path of oncoming traffic or workers. 

This is why it is common to see crash cushions on structures near major highways, such as overpass supports and exit ramps. They are also commonly used in road construction projects where lanes might narrow, or workers need to be protected. With recent studies showing that there have been 1,137 deaths in the past 12 months, the use of products such as the QuadGuard crash cushion is essential in reducing the severity of road traffic accidents. 

Not only do crash cushions help to improve the safety of construction projects and drivers, but they are also a very efficient and cost-effective solution. An accident that impacts a major or permanent structure can be very costly and time-consuming to repair or replace. However, replacing an impact attenuator is much simpler. 


Are there different types of crash cushions?

While the QuadGuard M10 is one of the most effective non-gating redirective solutions on the market, there are many different types available, including:

SLED, or Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipator are a narrow redirective gating cushion that is TL-3 MASH approved. These water filled solutions are designed to shield the end of temporary barriers, and can protect workers and motorists in speeds of up to 80km/h. 

These quick and easy to install cushions are MASH TL-3 rated for impact from all directions, including front, side-on and reverse angle (for use in contra-flow). This cushion is able to dissipate energy through both mechanical and hydraulic means. 

This anchorless, water-filled crash cushion is great for use in narrow work spaces without needing to compromise on safety. Incredibly quick to install, the Absorb M Crash Cushion does not need ground anchoring and can easily be deployed. 

This energy absorbing safety device is designed to reduce the impact of vehicles with obstacles such as utility poles or trees. They are a very low-cost solution and are used in regions when typical crash cushions would not physically fit. 


What about the QuadGuard M10?

Offering all of the benefits of the popular QuadGuard Elite crash cushion, the robust M10 is the next generation of an attenuator. These relocatable cushions provide users with the latest technology in impact absorption, helping to protect hazards between 610mm and 915mm wide. 

The QuadGuard M10 consists of a highly durable engineered steel nose, which features crushable energy-absorbing cartridges around a proven framework of the steel Quad-Beam™ panels. This helps to ensure the maximum level of protection for both motorists and roadside workers. The M10 design uses two different types of cartridges that have been staged in a unique configuration that has been specifically designed and assessed against light, compact cars and heavier, high centre of gravity vehicles alike. 

QuadGuard M10 CZ

If impacted head-on, the steel nose has been designed to telescopic rearward and absorb the full energy of the impact. A side-on impact will absorb the impact and redirect the vehicle towards its original path of travel and away from any highway features. 

Compliant with MASH TL-3 standards, the QuadGuard M10 features monorail guide stabilisers and can be anchored to a wide range of surfaces, including concrete and asphalt, without the need for anchoring chains or tension cables. In the event of an accident, the QuadGuard cash cushion has the potential to be reused, depending on the severity of the impact. However, should it need replacing, then it can be done so incredibly quickly, minimising the disruption and downtime of your project. 

The QuadGuard M10 offers an effective length of 6.3 metres and is 610mm wide, making sure that it can be installed in smaller sites as easily as it can in larger projects. The QuadGuard crash cushion can also be used with a wide range of crash barriers, including steel and concrete barriers alongside HighwayGuards. 


Looking for QuadGuard Crash Cushions?

No matter whether you are completing a roadworks project or hosting a major event, ensuring you are keeping employees and members of the public safe is essential. Here at RPM Hire, our mission is to provide a comprehensive array of roadside equipment, from traffic management signage and electronic equipment to lighting solutions and road safety barriers. 

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service alongside the highest quality products on the market. Working with clients across Australia, all of our equipment is available for short and long-term hire, and we strive to deliver the most affordable pricing possible. 

As proud members of the TMAA, AITPM, CCF NSW, CCF QLD and HRIA, and with over a decade of experience working across some of the biggest events in the country, you can have complete peace of mind when you opt for our RPM Hire equipment. We also offer 24/7 service support, ensuring that you always have complete control over your project. 


So if you are looking to protect your employees and maximise the safety of road users by incorporating the QuadGuard M10 crash cushion, then RPM Hire is here to help you. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our friendly team today, who will be happy to help answer any questions you might have. 


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