Importance of Portable Boom Gates

Importance of Portable Boom Gates Cover

Importance of Portable Boom Gates

Portable boom gates play an important part in managing traffic, by controlling entry and exit throughout worksites, in car parks and other restricted areas. Automatic boom barrier gates provide a temporary physical barrier between the motorist and an entry point, work zone or active road forcing the motorist to STOP. The portable boom gate is then controlled remotely allowing the motorist to enter once it is safe to do so.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Portaboom gate, which is the world’s first uniquely designed portable barrier gate solution (according to traffic access) available to hire now with RPM Hire. In addition to boom gate hire, RPM hire has a range of traffic management equipment solutions available for hire throughout Australia with branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.  Furthermore, the article explores how a portable boom gate can be implemented to increase safer work practices for your next project.


What is a Portaboom?

The Portaboom is exactly what the name suggests; a portable boom gate that can be easily controlled via remote and transported from one location to another. The Portaboom is the next generation of automatic boom barrier gates available in Australia.

The unit consists of a red and white striped boom arm with a STOP sign attached to the middle, the boom has the ability to extend from 2m- 4m to provide the required length. The boom arm is then connected to a heavy-duty powder-coated power unit box. The bright orange power unit is equipped with stabilising legs, that allow for a straightforward set-up on a variety of different surfaces. As well as the main control panel for manual operation, voltage indicator display and alarm. The unit is also fitted with two warning lights for extra visual alert warning to motorists.

The innovative design permits remote traffic control without putting traffic control persons in the direct line of traffic, the automatic boom barrier gate can be operated from a safe work zone with the ability to operate safer and efficiently. View full equipment details of the Portaboom on the product page here. 


Portaboom Diagram

How do portable boom gates work?

Portable boom gates operate on a 12-volt battery, that can be controlled via the unit or the handy remote. With the touch of a button, the boom is raised to allow traffic to flow through, the same button is pushed to lower the boom to stop motorists from entering the area.


Portaboom Gate Vs Traditional Traffic Control Methods

Using a Portaboom offers exceptional safety for workers, motorists and the general public compared to traditional methods. By providing a temporary physical barrier between the restricted site and the motorists until it is safe to enter, unlike a traditional method such as a traffic controller holding a STOP sign to stop the traffic which exposes the traffic controller to live traffic and dangerous working circumstances. The desired result can be successfully achieved with the help of a Portaboom (portable boom gate), with the ability of remote operations, the traffic controller can operate the unit from a safe work distance.

The Portaboom enhances safety for traffic controllers by:

  •         reducing fatigue, unlike traditional Stop/Slow traffic control methods. 
  •         allowing greater onsite mobility
  •         lowering the stress levels of traffic controllers by reducing the threat and intimidation from aggressive motorists. 

The Portaboom enhances safety for motorists by:

  •         providing a highly visible barrier that can be instantly recognised by motorists


Portaboom Image Portable Boom Gate

5 Benefits of automatic boom barrier gate for your next project

The Portaboom automatic boom barrier gate has many benefits, we have listed below the top 5 benefits that would make the portable boom gate a favourable choice for your next project.

  1. Easy to operate – The Portaboom was designed with user operation in mind, the unit is controlled by a simple single-button remote which makes for simple and easy operation. The single button operation means no confusion and reduces the risks of human error.
  2. Stable and Portable – The unit is durable yet portable, with the added help of extendable stability legs the unit can still be installed on uneven surfaces. The control box sits on castor wheels with brakes for ease of mobility. RPM Hire has a road-ready trailer suitable for transporting the portable boom gate to your worksite. Tests (by traffic access) show that the Portaboom can withstand wind speeds of up to 82.8km/h.
  3. Quick set up no further tools required – The Portaboom can be deployed on site within minutes and there is no need for any further tools required for installation. Boom gate hire and set up can be successfully conducted by our experienced team, if you have any questions regarding boom gate hire contact our team online now.
  4. Long battery life – The rechargeable batteries within the main control box provide up to 6500 lift (up) and lower (down) movements, meaning you won’t have to worry about the battery running out.
  5. Increase safety and productivity – Using a portable boom gate rather than traditional traffic control methods increase work site safety and productivity. By eliminating the risk of a traffic controller standing in the direct line of traffic and being exposed to live roads, therefore removing the risk of vehicle and traffic controller collisions. The unit can assist in productivity as the is no need for a worker to physically stand with the stop sign this reduces heat exhaustion, fatigue and dehydration as the Portaboom can be operated in a safe work zone within the 100m remote range.


Boom Gate Hire

Boom gate hire is a simple and straightforward process. RPM hire can help with your next Portaboom hire (boom gate hire) Call now 1300 479 570 or contact us via our online form. 


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