The Benefits of Using Advertising Signs on Trailers 

The Benefits of Using Advertising Signs on Trailers 

In the last decade, online marketing has gripped audiences, leaving physical marketing second in command. As social media platforms start to over saturate in advertisements, the time to regain the limelight has never been so apparent. Highway advertising signs are one of the most engaging ways to capture the consumer’s attention because let’s be honest, what else is there to look at on your way to work? VMS Boards (Variable Message Signs) aim to target and stimulate new customers and remind past and present customers that you are still open for business. 

Let’s go through ‘ The Benefits of Using Advertising Signs on Trailers’.

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What is an Advertising Sign Trailer (VMS Board)

RPM Hire’s Highway Advertising Signs – Features and Functions

The Benefits of Using Advertising Signs on Trailers


What is an Advertising Sign Trailer (VMS Board)

Advertising sign trailers or Variable Message Signs are ultra-bright digital and mobile billboards that have many functions including; effective advertising, event organisation and traffic management for road works, traffic jams and speed limit notifications.  


RPM Hire’s Highway Advertising Signs – Features and Functions

RPM Hire offer Variable Message Signs in sizes A (SML) and C (LRG) and recommend using 3-5 rotating screens to deliver your message. RPM Hire’s VMS boards are solar-powered, environmentally friendly, and feature a five colour LED full matrix light display to ensure your message is communicated with the utmost clarity. Via remote programming, RPM Hire can perform live updates changing the screens as you please. RPM Hire’s Visual Message Sign can also rotate 360 degrees, ensuring maximum exposure no matter the location. Great for outdoor usage and perfect for branding and advertising. 


Key Features

  • Highest quality five colour LED full matrix (red, green, blue, white, amber).
  • Solar-powered with back up battery for 24/7 operation
  • Remote programming from any internet enabled via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile
  • Auto lighting control with non-glare UV resistant screens
  • Full graphics and animations
  • Message can be displayed in multiple languages
  • GPS: Satellite tracking & tamper alarm
  • Australian made 


The Benefits of Using Advertising Signs on Trailers

There are a variety of benefits in using road advertising sign trailers. Marketing is a competitive game, and capturing your target audience’s attention is difficult and expensive at the best of times. One of the key elements to marketing is discovering your target audience because then you can streamline your marketing budget into avenues that generate exposure to your audience. All this seems complicated, and it doesn’t have to be, because what’s one thing that all consumers have in common? They all have to go to work, and most of them drive! 


Benefit No.1 – Maximum Exposure

By utilising the benefits of promoting in a ‘prime location,’ you are reaching maximum exposure.  As mentioned previously, driving is one thing that most consumers have in common. No individual is too good for traffic; we all have to grin and bear it.  By using RPM Hire’s advertising sign trailers, you are maximising your advertisement’s exposure resulting in a heightened return on investment (ROI). 


Benefit No.2 – Live Update

With static billboards, once you have gone to print (which can be expensive in itself), you are restricted to that advertisement. With Variable Message Signs, you can update your promotion or even change what you’re advertising entirely. An example where live update is beneficial could be promoting a particular product range, once that product range has gained a bit of momentum you could move on to another product that needs a gentle push into the revenue stream. 

If you think your message on the advertising sign trailer will require constant updates whether it’s for live event information end of year sales etc. RPM Hire can give you the means to update the message yourself, making the efficiency and productivity of the road advertising sign instant!

Benefit No.3 – Highest Quality Five Colour LED Lighting

RPM Hire’s road and highway advertising signs feature the highest quality five colour LED lighting to ensure that you are capturing the attention of every driver and pedestrian moving past the VMS. It’s a fact that colour draws focus, and with a selection of red, green, blue, white, or amber, you can create great high definition images and text. Static billboards have become irrelevant; consumers need to be stimulated at all times; that’s why multiple words and images conveying a clear and concise message are proven to be more effective. Contact RPM Hire today and start working on your promotion.


Benefit No.4 – Placement and Location

The advertising sign trailer is incredibly beneficial due to its mobile nature . Static billboards are limited in their mobility because they are challenging to set up, take down, there are limited spaces available, and the process is costly. The RPM Hire team targets the most suitable location for customer exposure by collaborating with clients on identifying what areas are most logical in marketing their product, business or event. 

The RPM Hire team will safely set up your VMS board in a suitable location; this means all you have to do is decide on what message you would like to share. If you get stuck on what message to display or you just need some ideas on what works, our team of experts can help with that too. The flexibility of VMS is far greater than the limitations of static billboards.

RPM Hire – Optimising your Return on Investment 

Advertising sign trailers are incredibly cost-effective for the amount of exposure that’s generated. Marketing your business is a costly process, and RPM Hire guarantees that your best interests are at heart by providing great deals on VMS sign hire

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