X-Pole Solar Light Towers

RPM Hire have the Solar Pole Light Towers available for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth  and Hobart.

The X-Pole Solar Light tower is an all year round clean, silent and zero emission light tower. It has energy saving LED lamps and a 200W Solar Panel atop its 8m telescopic mast. Suitable for construction site entries, walkways, holding areas, car parks, special events and for security purposes.

It’s compact design fits 20 units per standard 40 ft truck and each unit has a wind rating of 80 km/h when fully raised. The X-Pole Solar Light tower  is easy to set up for safe operation and has a motion sensor within the unit to automatically manage brightness levels. The PIR Motion Sensor increases efficiency and preserves power by detecting motion within its surrounding area extending running time with no charge to 58 hours. With solar charge the unit can operate all year round. The X-Pole Solar Light tower is equipped with an auto dim sensor which saves battery usage and efficiency of the unit. The lights will be dimmed if there is no movement within the surrounding area. If there is movement detected (e.g. a person walking past) the X-Pole Solar Light tower will reach full brightness increasing visibility. government projects

X-Pole Solar lighting towers are simple, clean and silent with minimal operation and maintenance costs. Leading to long-term environmental and health benefits, the reduction of running costs and zero emissions. X-Pole Solar Light tower unit operates in complete silence and is 100% solar with zero CO² emissions.

RPM Hire can help with X-Pole portable lighting tower rental, delivery and set up for your new project or event – contact the equipment specialists now on 1300 479 570 for solar pole light tower hire rates or send an online enquiry here.

Key Features

  • 2 x 30w high efficiency LED lamps illuminating approx. 480m2
  • Auto dim feature to save battery, only registers when movement is detected.
  • Strong galvanised base and powder coating for harsh environments.
  • 15-58 hours of operating time with no fuel costs and minimal maintenance.
  • Simple directional light set up atop easy to use mast.
  • Lamps ignite as the sunsets and will automatically turn of when the sun rises.
  • Zero CO2 emissions, no sound and no fuel
  • No replacement of ballasts and capacitors required
  • No bulbs to replace on LED Lamps and they are protected by a polycarbonate lens (no glass)
  • Silent operation for reduced noise and added security
  • Compact design allows transport of up to 20 units simultaneously
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The tower provides 2 x 30w energy efficient LED lamps, capable of illuminating 480m2. RPM Hire Solar X-Pole Light Towers can be used for a number of different applications including construction site entries, walkways, holding areas, car parks, special events and for security purposes.

Traffic Control & Management

Solar Mobile Pole Light Towers can be used to provide temporary lighting for traffic management companies and roadworks crews during road upgrades and maintenance.

Car Parks and Walkways

RPM Hire offer solar mobile pole  light tower hire for both long and short term projects, so you can turn night into day, to effectively and safely illuminate car parks, holding areas and walkways.

Events and Security

The Solar LED Pole Lighting Towers can be used to provide portable lighting at special events such as concerts, celebrations and sporting events. They can also be used to provide lighting for patrons to find their way to and from events or for added security after dark.
  • Light Output: 480m2
  • Light Watts: 2 x 30w
  • Sensor: Auto Dim
  • Type of Light: LED
  • Mast Height: 8m
  • Fuel Type: Zero
  • Solar Panel Power: 200w
  • Run Time (Full Brightness): 15 hours
  • Run Time (Dimmed): 58 hours
  • Sound levels: Operates in complete silence
  • Run Time: All Year Round
  • Fuel consumption: 0


Length 1115mm
Width 1110mm
Height (Min/Max) 2390/8500mm
Dry Weight 400 kgs

RPM Hire offer X-Pole solar light towers that are completely sound proof for areas where zero noise operation is required.

The X- Pole Portable Lighting Towers operate 100% on Solar power with no fuel consumption or running costs.

RPM Hire offer high quality solar pole lighting towers for hire, the units produce maximum light, with zero emissions. Contact RPM Hire for a free quote for solar lighting tower rental and answer any other questions that you may have.

Solar pole light tower hire is a straight forward and seamless process at RPM Hire.

We operate throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland , Perth, and Tasmania, but service Australia wide. Contact RPM Hire via our contact form or Call 1300 479 570 for help with mobile light tower hire rates.

In addition to X-pole light tower hire, we stock the 360 degree mobile lighting tower which provides a softer dispersed light, X-Solar Light Tower and the ECO Portable Lighting Tower

At RPM Hire we specialise in traffic management equipment hire, in addition to lighting hire we have a large fleet of electronic equipment, road safety barriers (concrete, steel, water filled, Highway Guard), crash cushions and more.

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