5 Commonly Asked Questions About Mobile Light Tower Hire

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Mobile Light Tower Hire

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Mobile Light Tower Hire

Are you looking for lighting tower hire? These unique portable lighting solutions are a fantastic addition to any work site, construction project or large-scale event. As one of the leading providers of mobile lighting hire and traffic management equipment, we know how important these options are to ensuring the smooth and efficient running of your site.

Working with clients across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart, we are regularly asked a whole host of questions about our eco light towers, so to help you, we thought we would explore the five most commonly asked questions when it comes to light tower hire.

What is the ECO LED Lighting Tower, and how can it be used?

Before we take a look at the five most commonly asked questions when it comes to lighting tower hire, we thought we would first explore exactly what they are and the many uses they have. As the name suggests, our ECO LED Lighting Tower is a portable device that is able to provide essential lighting to a large area.

We focus on providing the very best solutions on the market, and our ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is helping to revolutionise how worksites and events operate. Capable of working 24/7, the tower features reduced fuel consumption, making it one of the most efficient on the market, and it can be used for up to 200 hours (around 30 nights) before needing to be refuelled. This long-lasting lighting ensures that you are not only able to save time on refuelling but also time, which is critical in the vast majority of projects.

Thanks to their versatility, our ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower hire options can be used in a wide array of projects, including:

  • Traffic Control

One of the most common uses for our lighting is part of temporary traffic control. Management companies often use these towers in order to illuminate the area, improving the visibility and efficiency of roadworkers during maintenance and upgrade tasks.

  • Construction and mining sites

Many construction and mining sites need to be operational 24/7 in order to maximise both efficiency and security. Our ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower helps to provide essential lighting throughout the night, allowing your team to work around the clock.

  • Events

Lighting hire is also very popular for a range of events. Whether it is a festival, concert or sporting event, these portable solutions provide light across a wide area, ensuring guests and staff can safely move across the event throughout the night.


Five commonly asked questions about lighting tower hire

If you have never thought about light tower hire before, it can be tough to know which is the right solution for your needs. That is why we thought we would take a closer look at five of the most common questions our customers ask, helping to ensure you have the information you need to find the perfect option.

1.How do lighting towers work?

One of the most commonly asked questions we have is from customers wondering how our RPM Hire ECO LED Lighting Tower works. Our products have been carefully selected so that they are as simple and as easy to use as possible, and to take this even further, our experienced team will deliver the lighting tower to your site and install it and show you how to manage it.

Powered by a highly fuel-efficient generator, our ECO LED Lighting Tower only consumes half a litre of diesel an hour, ensuring you can get up to 200 hours of lighting before it needs refuelling. This minimises the time you need to spend filling up with fuel, giving you time and helping you to save a significant amount on fuel.

Not only is the generator highly efficient, but it is also incredibly quiet, creating just 62dB at seven metres. This ensures it can be used in a huge array of projects, including those within residential areas, without causing any issues.

Of course, lighting tower hire requires these units to be used in a huge array of situations. That is why they are incredibly durable and weatherproof, allowing them to be kept outside for as long as you need. The trailer-mounted design also ensures that they can be easily manoeuvred around your site, giving you the illumination you need, wherever you need it.

2.How many lumens is a light tower?

Another very common question that our customers ask during the lighting hire process is how many lumens our ECO LED Mobile Light Tower offers. Lumens are the measurement of visible light, and the higher the rating, the brighter the lamp will appear.

We know how important lumens are when it comes to lighting tower hire, and that is why we offer the very best options possible. LED solutions are far more efficient than traditional Halogen bulbs, ensuring we can achieve greater illumination with lower power consumption.

Our highly efficient ECO tower is able to supply 129,500 lumens.

3. How tall are your light towers?

Our ECO LED Mobile Light Tower is incredibly versatile and can be used across a large range of projects and sites. However, it is always important to ensure that you are getting the correct size tower for your needs.

Our solution measures:

  • 2,420mm in length
  • 1,400 minimum and 1,550 maximum in width
  • 2,450mm and 9,000mm in height
  • A dry weight of 936kgs

4. How many hours does the light tower last?

Our ECO LED Mobile Light Tower is capable of offering up to 200 hours before it needs refuelling.

5. How many metres of light does it cover?

We understand the importance of effective illumination, which is why our lighting tower hire solution is able to provide 4,200 square metres of light coverage.

Want to find out more?

Are you in need of lighting tower hire? For over a decade, we have been providing the very best traffic management and lighting tower solutions for clients across Australia. Alongside the ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower that we have been focusing on within this blog, we also offer a huge array of alternative lighting towers for hire.

Our 360° Portable Light Tower offers users a highly efficient diesel-powered tower that is able to provide full 360° of light dispersion and up to 200 hours of illumination. For those customers seeking a zero-emission alternative, our X-Solar Light Tower is fully powered by sunlight and can operate throughout the year without any running costs. Our X-Pole Solar Light Tower offers a similar eco-friendlier alternative but in a smaller and more compact solution.

So if you are looking to hire a lighting town for your next project, RPM Hire is here to help you. Our experienced team is on hand to ensure you can find the perfect solution for your site, so if you want to find out more, get in touch today for a free quote.

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