Why You Need to Have a Portable Light Tower On a Site?

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Why You Need to Have a Portable Light Tower On a Site?

With a high demand for project completion and continuous night works to keep projects on schedule. There is a need for a durable light source that can provide efficient lighting for worksites. So that workers can safely and securely complete works during the night.

The Australian construction industry is one of the largest growing segments in the country. Due to continued rapid growth, the industry is expected to operate 24 hours a day.

Traditional methods of lighting a worksite have involved lights that require a 240V power source. This can be inefficient, costly and in most applications simply unavailable. This becomes more apparent on long term projects that require the primary lighting source to be mobile.

A reliable source of lighting 

Portable Lighting Towers are a mobile source of lighting. They can be installed on almost any surface. Making Light Towers a suitable lighting source for many different applications. Light Towers operate by illuminating sites with LED lights. The towers are powered by robust generators. The benefits of Portable LED Light Towers are far greater than traditional methods of lighting.  

Without a reliable light source, projects would not be able to be safely completed throughout the night or in difficult weather conditions. This could result in extended project schedules, budgets, and further disruption to the general public.


The RPM ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower

The RPM ECO LED Mobile Lighting Tower is revolutionising the way worksites can operate 24/7. The Light Towers offer extended run time and reduced fuel consumption when compared to other Light Towers models. Ensuring that you get the maximum amount of run time for minimal fuel cost.

To keep many projects running after sunset, Portable Light Towers provide 6 essential benefits to users.

 1. Extended Operation

The Portable LED Light Tower offers an extended operating time of 200 hours. The ultimate lighting solution for long term projects. With the need to refuel only once a month. This means there is more time to complete works and less time to worry about refuelling. The need for regular refuelling is minimised, due to the LED Light Tower’s large fuel tank. The fuel tank can hold 110 litres. Providing a significant amount of fuel savings compared with traditional Light Towers.  

2. Clear and Bright  

Portable LED Light Towers are powered by 6 x 150 watt LED lamps. The LED lamps are clear, bright, and can illuminate up to 3800 sqm. The LED lamps are protected by a polycarbonate lens. So, there is no need to worry about bulbs breaking from overheating.

3. Mobile and GPS Trackable 

There is a reason the unit is called a “mobile” Light Tower. The units are trailer mounted and ready to travel in a matter of minutes. The small compact design allows the unit to be easily transported via truck (up to 12 units per truck) and a tow bar. They are equipped to be conveniently and safely moved from one location to another. This feature is ideal for sites that may require the lighting to travel to different areas on site. 

4. Low Noise 

When conducting night works close to nearby residential areas the noise level of equipment is important. The aim is to ensure works are conducted with minimal disturbance to the residents. The sound level of the Lighting Towers measures 62 dB (@ 7 meters). Making operation extremely quiet. These advanced design features help meet construction site and roadwork project noise volume requirements. The reduced operational noise is important when extra lighting is required in residential areas. That are sensitive to noise levels, due to homeowners living and sleeping nearby.  

5. Durable and Weatherproof 

When considering hiring a portable outdoor lighting source, having the ability to operate in changing weather conditions is vital. The robust design on the Lighting Tower makes it a great choice for outdoor operation. The tower is equipped to a durable and compact road ready trailer.

6. Safety Mast Feature 

When operating equipment and machinery on worksites safety features are essential. The mast on the ECO Lighting Tower is fitted with a safety feature to prevent accidental damage that might be incurred by the driver driving away with the mast elevated. The safety feature on the mast works by automatically retracting to its lowered position when the hand brake is disengaged. This prevents damage to the unit, obstacles such as footbridges or power lines, the vehicle, and most importantly the driver.  


Maximum Visibility

Lighting Towers can be used as a source of lighting for roadworks, construction, and mining sites. Helping to turn night into day, to effectively and safely complete projects.

In addition to worksites, Lighting Towers can also be used for public areas, temporary car parks, and a range of events. Including concerts, parties, festivals, and outdoor sporting events. With the focus on keeping dark areas well illuminated. The Towers can also help light up footpaths, to help your patrons find their way to and from events.  

The units can be used as a primary light source or in addition to another source of outdoor lighting. Basically, in any area that requires illumination.


Let There Be Light  

Whether you need to light up a worksite, a car park, or your local school fete. RPM Hire can provide you with one or many high-quality Portable Lighting Towers  to help complete your project. In addition to the ECO lighting tower, RPM Hire also have a range of other mobile lighting options available for hire such as the 360 degrees light tower,  which distributes soft light.  

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