Essential Traffic Control Equipment for Events

Essential Traffic Control Equipment for Events

Are you planning an event? Whether it’s a music festival, sporting event, or special celebration, the right equipment is essential for its smooth operation. Here at RPM Hire, we offer an extensive array of equipment rental for events, including lighting, traffic barriers, and variable messaging signs, to ensure your event runs exactly as planned.

There is a huge variety of equipment needed for an event, and in this latest blog, we thought we would explore some of the most important solutions for your next project.


What are the different kinds of equipment that are needed for an event?

No matter the scope or size of your event, there are a number of key items that must be included to ensure that your show goes ahead safely and efficiently. When putting your next event together, there are several key areas to consider:



One of the most important items of event traffic control equipment is lighting. These solutions will provide ample lighting across your site, ensuring maximum visibility and safety. As one of the leading suppliers of equipment rental for events, RPM Hire has an extensive array of lighting solutions for your project, including:


  • Portable Light Towers

Our portable light towers offer maximum visibility across your event site. With over 200 hours of operation time, they can last throughout your show and illuminate up to 4,200 square metres.


These LED towers are trailer-mounted, ensuring that transportation is incredibly quick and easy, while the mast is able to rotate by 350 degrees to provide full coverage.


  • 360° LED Mobile Lighting Tower

If you are looking for a portable lighting solution for event traffic control, then our 360° LED mobile lighting tower is the ultimate option. Capable of dispersing light across a full 360 degrees, the bright and efficient tower offers up to 200 hours of illumination, ensuring it can power your entire event.


The environmentally friendly traffic control equipment features automatic stop/start light sensors, ensuring they only turn on when needed.


  • X-Solar Mobile Light Towers

The X-Solar Light Tower is a zero-emission solution that is powered by the sun, making it perfect for use in any outdoor event. The bright LED towers are capable of illuminating up to 2,400 square metres.


  • X-Pole Solar Light Tower

Finally, our X-Pole Solar Light Tower offers year-round clean illumination, with two high-efficiency LED lamps that provide up to 480m2 of lighting. Each tower also comes with an auto dim feature to save the battery, ensuring they only offer maximum light when movement is detected.



Electronic Equipment

Alongside lighting, there is a wide range of electronic traffic control equipment solutions that can improve the safety and flow through your site. These include:


  • Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs are an essential way of passing on critical information to event attendees. With five colour LED lights and non-glare UV-resistant screens, our VMS boards offer clear insight and can be updated remotely, allowing you to quickly display vital information to your guests.


  • Variable Speed Limit Signs

Traffic control equipment is vital for events, particularly during arrivals and departures. Our variable speed limit signs will allow you to clearly outline speed limits on the roads through and around your site.


  • Arrow Boards

Our directional arrow boards allow you to direct visitors with ease, with bright LED lighting and automatic brightness control settings ensuring that the board remains highly visible no matter the weather conditions.


  • Portable traffic lights

When it comes to event traffic control, being able to control the flow of guests arriving and departing is critical to reducing congestion. That is why our portable traffic light and signal hire solutions are the perfect solution to allow you to keep traffic moving. The 200mm LED lanterns used in our traffic lights ensure maximum visibility in any condition.


  • CCTV Camera trailers

Having eyes on your entire event site is critical for guest safety and event traffic control, but it can be challenging to see the whole area. That is why our equipment rental for events includes the use of CCTV camera trailers. These ready-to-use products are powered by solar energy and offer HD-resolution insight across your site as required.



Safety barriers

Finally, when it comes to traffic control equipment for events, safety barriers and crowd control barriers are another very important aspect of keeping guests safe. At RPM Hire, we have an extensive array of safety barriers, including:


  • Water Filled Barriers

Our ArmorZone water filled barriers are constructed from a highly durable and long-lasting UV-stabilised polythene, ensuring they are capable of lasting for a very long time. They have undergone extensive testing and offer TL-1 and TL-2 MASH compliance. These can also be used as crowd control barriers at events.


  • Klemmfix

When it comes to equipment rental for events, the Klemmfix barrier system is a highly visible and low cost solution for marking out areas in and around your event. These panels attach to a highly visible yellow base, ensuring that your attendees will be able to clearly see them from a distance.


Are you in need of traffic control equipment?

If you are hosting an event and are in need of equipment, then RPM Hire is here to help you. Our highly experienced team is on hand to help you find the right equipment, providing valuable advice and recommendations designed just for you.


RPM Hire’s proven ability to provide the right equipment and valuable advice has helped customers achieve their project goals time and again.

See how we’ve helped other customers succeed by visiting our customer stories page.


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