Armorzones Water Filled Barriers


RPM Hire can help with your next ArmorZone water filled barrier hire.

ArmorZone water filled barriers are constructed from high quality UV stabilised polythene. This makes for a heavy duty, yet portable temporary barrier that can be quickly and easily deployed. The ArmorZone barriers have undergone rigorous testing and are TL1 /TL2 MASH Compliant barriers, making them a suitable choice for your next project. The Orange plastic barriers are brightly coloured for instant visibility even from a distance, these water filled barriers are suitable for up to 50KM/H roads (Maximum 70km/h).

Water filled barrier hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. 

Key Features

    • Adjoining steel beams (TL1 /TL2 MASH Compliant)
    • Deflection – 2.16m (TL1) 50m Incl. end treatments

    • 2m long x 86cm x 45cm
    • Weight 56kgs Empty, 496kgs Filled with Wate
    • Exceptionally good vehicle control and low deflection
    • Easy install and transport
    • Suitable for roads up to 50KM/H roads (Maximum 70km/h)
    • Smooth surfaces and geometry, more forgiving on vulnerable road users
    • No external steel structure
    • Stabilised HDPE modules strong enough to absorb nuisance impact without repair
    • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable
    • Cost effective – less water usage compare to other water filled barriers
    • Transportation efficiencies
    • Deployment rate of 120m of barrier per hour
    • Brightly colour visible orange plastic barrier
    • Gate Access components available for hire
    • Additional ArmorZone end treatment available for hire
    • Access to Safety Push Pin Tool to increase safety during barrier installation
Weight Empty 56kgs
Weight Filled 496 kgs
Length 2m
Width 45cm

Yes. RPM Hire can organise water filled barriers to be filled with water on site, our team are experienced and trained to safely transport, install and remove water filled barricades.

Water filled barricade rental is a simple and easy process with RPM Hire, contact the team on 1300 479 570 or via our website contact form here to begin your water filled barrier hire process.

RPM Hire operate throughout Victoria, New South Wales, QueenslandWestern Australia and Tasmania, but service Australia wide.

Yes. RPM Hire specialise in providing traffic management hire equipment, in addition to ArmorZone water filled barrier we also hire and install concrete barriers, BG800 steel barriers, HighwayGuard steel barrier system, Klemmfix, Steel road plates and  more. 

Our team of experts at RPM Hire can deliver, set up and install water filled barriers for your next project. Water filled barrier installation involves placing and interlocking each barrier with a steel twin pin connector, then filling each barrier with water.

Deciding on what type of barrier to use for your next project can be a challenge, at RPM Hire our team are here to help and guide you through each step of the hire process. Our team of knowledgeable experts can assist you will any questions that you may have regarding water barrier hire.

You can read our latest article for more information on – When to Use Water Filled Barriers and Why. 

Sustainable Barrier Hire.

The barrier provides enhanced safety and is the most effective type on the market without compromising the environment.

  • Environmentally Friendly 100% Recyclable. After the barriers have served their purpose they can be recycled, reducing environmental wastage.
  • Less Emissions Entering the Environment. The ArmorZone barrier can fit 180m of the unit per a semi, reducing the amount of transport trips required to deliver the barrier to a work site, decreasing emissions and improving the efficiency of barrier transportation.
  • Less Water Wastage. Less water is wasted when you use a ArmorZone barrier compared to other barriers that have a larger water fill capacity.

Armorzone Barrier Installation.

The install process involves placing and interlocking each barrier with a steel twin pin connector, then each barrier is filled with water once in the correct position (water filling is completed on site). ArmorZone barrier hire provide a safe work zone for temporary worksites. These barriers are most suitable for active construction sites, road maintenances, civil projects and events.

The team at RPM Hire can assist with your next ArmorZone/water filled barrier hire, delivery, installation and removal. Hiring barriers throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia. Call now for a free quote or contact us online for more information. 

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