HighwayGuard Steel Barrier

Introducing the HighwayGuard Barrier System

The HighwayGuard is a Game Changer in the steel barriers equipment space
– Ashley Woodcock – Director, RPM Hire

HighwayGuard steel barrier hire available in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Hobart. 

RPM Hire’s HighwayGuard barrier brings an unrivalled level of protection for workers and motorists. With TL-4 MASH rating, the highest rating available for temporary road barriers, it truly is the world’s safest temporary road barrier. The HighwayGuard is the next generation of portable, steel, road safety barrier, offering a low-deflection, with fewer components.

The HighwayGuard steel barrier system uses 6m modular sections, with integrated anchoring, drainage and forklift access points. The integral T-top design provides exceptional MASH TL-3 and TL-4 performance without the need for additional components. Shipping and transportation efficiencies and a reduction in footprint.
Installing optional wheelsets gives you the flexibility to create access points that can be opened and closed by hand in minutes. In 2021 the HighwayGuard Steel Barrier was a nominee for The Best New Product at Hire21, hosted by The Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA).

Key Features

  • Low deflection
  • Ability to connect to your existing MASH compliant BG800 barrier and multiple crash cushions
  • Narrow profile, just 0.54m wide
  • VicRoads & RMS Accepted road safety barrier
  • Latest generation MASH 16 TL-3 & TL-4 barrier
  • Lower transport costs
  • Under barrier drainage
  • Quick installation- Two-part system of unique T-connector and barrier for rapid connection and disconnection
  • Integral post fitting, suitable screens and fencing options
  • Multiple lifting points and grab options for minimised labour and enhanced safety
  • Optional angled barrier and connections to adapt to challenging road conditions including intersections, lane narrowing and roundabouts
  • Optional wheelsets for flexible access


Length 6m
Height 0.80m
Width 0.54m
Weight 99kg per metre

HighwayGuard – Angled Barrier and T-ConnectorsHighwayGuard – Angled Barrier and T-Connectors

  • The angled barrier and T- connectors allow for the HighwayGuard to be installed with various degrees of angles, to meet the requirements of any project, including work on intersections, lane narrowing and roundabouts


HighwayGuard – WheelsetsHighwayGuard – Wheelsets

  • Multiple access points that can be opened and closed by hand in minutes
  • Allows for flexible access for site crews and road workers


HighwayGuard – BG800-TransitionHighwayGuard – BG800-Transition

  • Connect the HighwayGuard barrier to your existing MASH compliant BG800 steel barrier with the BG800 transition piece.
  • Combination of both barriers can be used on the same project, depending on availability and project needs.

Symmetrical barrier sections with universal T-connector allows any section to connect to another, in either direction, significantly lowering installation time, operational costs and reducing inventory.

Multiple openings can be created by installing the optional wheelset. Multiple openings give flexible access without having to manoeuvre around the barriers.

RPM Hire have a extensive range of road safety barriers to suit your project needs. In addition to the HighwayGuard steel barrier, we supply and install the BG800, concrete barriers and water-filled barriers.

In addition to a range of crash cushions including the Smart crash cushion, Absorb 350, Absorb M, SLED and Quadguard CZ. 

The HighwayGuard Steel Road Safety Barrier is available for hire in Victoria, New South Wales, QueenslandWestern Australia and Tasmania,.

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HighwayGuard barrier hire prices are comparable with other road safety barriers, depending on project requirements.

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The HighwayGuard and the HighwayGuard LDS steel barrier installation manual can be found in the download tab on the HighwayGuard barrier page. If you have any questions about steel barrier installation contact our barrier team online now or call 1300 479 570.

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