Crash Cushion 101: What Is A Raptor Pole Protector?

Crash Cushion 101: What Is A Raptor Pole Protector?

Crash Cushion 101: What Is A Raptor Pole Protector?

Over the last few months, we have been taking a closer look at some of the most popular cash barriers on the market as part of our crash cushion 101. From exploring what a smart crash cushion is to taking an in-depth look at the Absorb M, SLED and QuadGuard solutions.

Now, in this latest instalment of the series, we are turning our attention to the Raptor Crash Cushion. So if you want to learn about the raptor barrier, its array of applications and the features which make it one of the best pole end protectors on the market, read on!

What is the Raptor Crash Cushion?

Crash cushions are an incredibly important addition to any road work or construction project. The Raptor pole protector is a proven energy-absorbing safety barrier that fits around a utility pole or tree, reducing the severity of an impact by a vehicle.

The unique technology used in the Raptor crash cushion means it can be used in locations where more traditional crash barriers might not be able to physically fit or provide the required level of protection. Thanks to the incredible energy-absorbing capabilities, the low-cost Raptor barrier is able to offer exceptional control of errant vehicles in either a head-on or side-on collision.

With a simplistic design, Raptor pole protectors are incredibly quick and easy to install, taking less than thirty minutes to be fitted and requiring no anchoring to the ground. Following an impact, the crash barrier can also be quickly repaired, ensuring that your site is always working to protect drivers passing through.

Where can the Raptor crash cushion be installed?

The Raptor pole end protectors can be fitted around any utility pole or tree that is located near a roadside. They are very quick to install, but it is important that they are placed on flat and level ground without any hollows, which may affect the stability of an impacting vehicle.

When installing a Raptor barrier, it is also recommended that kerbs or channels are not installed directly in front of the crash cushion, as this will alter the height at which the vehicle impacts the barrier, reducing its effectiveness. The Raptor barrier should also be installed so that its orientation is parallel to the direction of passing vehicles.

To give you complete peace of mind, here at RPM Hire, our highly experienced team will deliver and install the Raptor pole end protectors, ensuring correct fitment and maximum protection.

Key features of the Raptor crash cushion

The Raptor pole protector is fantastic for use in an area where larger styles of crash cushions might not be appropriate. The unique barrier provides a wide range of features, including:

Fantastic protection

Despite its compact size, the Raptor crash cushion offers fantastic protection. The barrier is able to meet some of the highest standards possible, including MASH TL-1. This means it can be safely used in areas where vehicles will be travelling up to 70 km/h.

The Raptor pole end protectors are designed to absorb the impact of colliding vehicles, with internal plastic cartridges working to reduce the severity of the crash and keep the driver and passengers safe

Quick installation

Alongside offering fantastic protection, the Raptor crash cushion is also very quick to install. The compact size makes it very easy to transport and deliver to your worksite. This ideal traffic management solution can be installed in under thirty minutes by our experienced team. Requiring no foundations or anchoring, the Raptor solution simply wraps around the pole or tree to provide high protection for drivers.


One of the biggest advantages of the Raptor crash cushion is that it is highly versatile and can be used in areas where larger barriers are not suitable. The narrow profile means it can be installed against utility poles or trees where it is impossible to fit certain barriers, ensuring that you are still able to protect drivers passing through your site.

Low maintenance

Once installed, the Raptor pole end protectors are very low maintenance. They require no care or upkeep, while they are constructed from a UV-stabilised plastic which ensures they will not degrade or break down when exposed to the elements. On average, the expected lifespan of the Raptor crash cushion is up to 25 years, ensuring you can have confidence it will be able to protect your site for as long as you need it.

Following a collision, the damaged side can be recycled and quickly replaced without needing to remove the non-impacted side.

Alternative crash barriers

While the Raptor crash cushion is a fantastic solution for protecting utility poles or trees, if you are looking to protect larger areas or concrete barriers, then there are a range of alternatives available to you, including:


The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) barrier is a very narrow non-re-directive cushion that offers fantastic protection. Meeting MASH TL-3 standards, this water-filled barrier is designed to be used on the end of temporary barriers such as JJ-Hooks or DB80.


The QuadGuard solution features some of the latest technology on the market and provides protection rated to MASH TL-3. This steel barrier is designed for head-on collisions, safely absorbing the impact of a colliding vehicle.

Smart Crash Cushion

Rated to MASH TL-3, the Smart crash cushion offers exceptional protection, capable of being impacted from any direction, including front, side-on and reverse, without any structural damage.

Absorb M

The Absorb M crash cushion is another great choice when needing a solution for narrow spaces. Measuring only 67cm in width, this water-filled barrier is rated to MASH TL-2 or TL-3, depending on whether it is a two-element, or three-element set up.

Absorb 350

Another great barrier end treatment solution is the Absorb 350. This water-filled barrier is able to be installed alongside temporary concrete or steel barriers, and the lightweight design ensures they are quick to transport and easy to install.

Looking for Raptor crash cushions?

If you are looking to protect your construction or roadwork project with Raptor pole end protectors, then RPM Hire is here to help you. We offer a huge array of traffic management equipment solutions for hire, ensuring you can always find the perfect solution for your worksite.

So if you want to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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