Hiring Arrow Boards for Traffic Control

Amber Arrow Board displaying double arrows used for traffic management

Hiring Arrow Boards for Traffic Control

When it comes to traffic control equipment there is a large range of products available for hire in Australia. Traffic control equipment commonly consists of Variable Message Signs (VMS), road barriers, lighting, security and other electronic signage. 

Electronic signage is an excellent tool for communicating changes to usual traffic conditions to motorists and pedestrians. The traffic control equipment utilized will differ for each project. Depending on the traffic changes that need to be influenced e.g. communicating alternative routes, changes in speed, lane changes and closures. 

Arrow Boards are a type of electronic signage used for traffic control. 

Most often used to communicate with drivers of lane closures and road changes. Arrow Boards can provide a range of different traffic control directions. Including a left arrow, right arrow or double arrows. This helps manage traffic and give the appropriate directions to motorists on active roads. 

What are Arrow Boards? 

Arrow boards are highly visible traffic control signs, that provide directions to motorists.

The directions on an arrow board can differ from a single arrow, lines and double arrows. Arrow boards are essential for providing advanced warning, informing and influencing motorist’s behaviour. Resulting in a reduction in traffic congestion and safer travels for motorists.   

Primarily used for traffic control. Arrow boards can also be used in areas where traffic needs to be diverted such as events, construction sites and roadworks.

Amber Arrow Board displaying right arrow used for traffic management 

Who should use Trailer mounted Arrow Boards?

Closing lanes down on most Australian roads will require a formal traffic management plan and may require approval from the relevant road authority. This could include the state road authorities (listed below), local councils or private road owners such as Transurban. 

State road authorities

The full list of state road authorities can be found here.

If you are unsure on whether an approval or permit is required, it is best to contact a traffic management company that operates in your area. 

Here is a quick list of some quality traffic management companies, we are currently working with:

  • Active Traffic
  • Allroads 
  • Altus
  • ATC Traffic
  • Call 2 Hire
  • DND Traffic 
  • NA Roads 
  • Roar Road and Rail
  • STA Traffic Management 
  • SCG 
  • Traffic Diversions Group


Applications for Arrow Boards 

Arrow boards are an important tool for traffic control. When there are changes in usual traffic conditions, it’s important to keep motorists informed. Arrow boards can also be used for a variety of applications including: 

  • Events 
  • Roadworks 
  • Breakdowns & emergency support vehicles 
  • Traffic diversion
  • Accident management
  • Directional information
  • Construction sites 
  • Mining sites 
  • Long term lane closures 

Arrow board displaying double arrows

Features of RPM Hire Arrow Boards 

Trailer mounted and easy to transport 

Our arrow boards are mounted to trailers, making transportation a seamless process. The arrow boards can be quickly and easily transported from one location to another.  

The arrow board displays are fitted with a mast attached to the trailer. The displays are fully rotatable with the ability to rotate the sign 360°, without having to move the trailer. 

Easy to operate and control 

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to operate technical equipment that is difficult to use onsite. Unlike other traffic control equipment our arrow boards are highly favourable for their ease of operation.

The push button control allows for effortless operation and a LED status indicator makes programming onsite simple.  The arrow board trailers are designed to be user friendly and simple to control. 

The raise and lower function on all our arrow boards is controlled by a hydraulic motor, removing the manual process of winding a hand winch, as well as improved safety. 

Multiple configurations 

The lights on arrow boards can be configured to display different arrows including double arrows, single arrows and lights. 

Configurations are programmed based on traffic control requirements. For example, a configuration of double arrows may be used if it was not safe to travel straight through an intersection and a motorist must turn either right or left.  A single arrow configuration pointing right, that is positioned in the left lane, may be used in the case of a lane closure that requires a motorist to merge into the right lane.   

View the full signal configurations available on our arrow boards product page.  

Eco friendly 

When choosing traffic control equipment, it is important to consider the impact on the environment. Our arrow boards can operate effectively with minimal impact on the environment. 

There is no need to run a power cord to the arrow boards, as they are powered by a 120 watt solar powered system. This means they do not require fuel or power from mains to operate. 

The lanterns on arrow boards are highly visible and consume a low amount of power without comprising brightness. Arrow boards a great choice for sites without power or a generator and in remote areas. 

Highly Visible 

Arrow boards are highly visible, they are fitted with powerful lights that can be seen from a distance. This provides motorists with enough time to take the desired action e.g. merging right prior to the closure of the lane.  

The amber LED lights on the arrow boards are fitted with an automatic brightness control setting. This ensures that lights can be clearly seen. Even in conditions where weather isn’t favourable and on busy worksites.

Safer for everyone 

Motorists can become frustrated if they are stuck in traffic not knowing why traffic has come to a standstill. With an arrow board, traffic controllers can direct traffic as required and provide the appropriate directions to motorists. Reducing the traffic congestion and creating safer work sites.

With the aim to Keep Traffic Moving, RPM Hire provides high quality trailer mounted arrow boards, in addition to a growing fleet of other traffic management equipment. If you have a question about our arrow boards or any of our traffic control equipment, please contact us on 1300 479 570 or submit on enquiry online.

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