Impact of Portable Traffic Lights on Managing Congestion

Impact of Portable Traffic Lights on Managing Congestion

Congestion has become a significant issue for commuters and city planners in the hustle and bustle of modern urban life. From population density to roadworks, accidents, and events, innovative solutions to manage traffic flow are essential, and portable traffic lights are one of the most effective solutions for reducing congestion on the roads.

The use of temporary traffic lights provides a flexible approach to managing traffic challenges across a wide range of industries and events. In this latest blog, we explore the impact of traffic management signs on easing congestion.


Traffic Congestion: Causes and Effects

Drive through any urban environment, and you’ll likely experience some kind of congestion. This stems from a multitude of factors, including construction projects, roadworks, maintenance, accidents, and special events.

Whatever the cause of congestion on the roads, it always results in the same impact: slower journeys, frustrated drivers, and a risk to public safety.

Traffic management signs and portable traffic lights can help to prevent congestion on the roads by improving the flow of traffic and diverting drivers away from impacted areas.


What are portable traffic control lights?

Portable traffic lights are temporary signals that can be easily manoeuvred around a diverse range of settings to manage the flow of traffic. Typically attached to trailers to make transporting simple, these road traffic control signs operate via solar power and a battery backup to provide around the clock support.

Thanks to their portability, temporary traffic lights can be quickly deployed to work zones, construction sites, and large-scale events, allowing organisers to regulate traffic with ease. Of course, their use is not only about easing congestion. They are also able to ensure the safety of workers and members of the public who may be in and around the site.


Portable traffic lights vs. traditional methods

Compared to traditional fixed traffic control methods, portable traffic lights offer a variety of advantages. One of the biggest of these is that they are a far more cost-effective solution as they eliminate the need for any extensive infrastructure investments typically required with permanent solutions.

Their portability also means they are a far more flexible solution, allowing site managers to quickly deploy them as congestion changes. This ensures that they can better optimise traffic flow and minimise the disruption from events, roadworks, and construction projects.

What are the advantages of portable traffic signals?

There are numerous advantages to utilising portable traffic lights in your next construction project, roadworks, or event, including:

  • Versatility – Temporary traffic lights are highly versatile and can be used in a vast range of settings. From directing crowds at large sporting events to steadying traffic flow through construction zones, these diverse signals are perfect regardless of the location or road conditions.
  • Flexibility – Alongside their versatility, portable traffic signals also offer huge flexibility. They can be easily moved to different locations as required, allowing users to respond to dynamic environments, changing traffic patterns and emergency repairs.
  • Rapid deployment – Another major advantage of portable traffic lights is their ability to be quickly deployed and operational. This means that in events, road constructions, and emergency repairs, portable signals can be quickly implemented, minimising disruption to traffic flow and helping to reduce delays.
  • Improve safety – Portable traffic signals contribute to the overall safety for road users, workers and pedestrians. By being able to provide clear and visible guidance to drivers, traffic management signs help to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain the steady flow of vehicles, reducing the likelihood of collisions and keeping traffic under control.
  • Cost effective – Temporary traffic control lights are a far more cost-effective solution compared to installing permanent alternatives. They require no permanent infrastructure and have minimal upfront costs, making them a highly attractive prospect for short-term sites in need of traffic control requirements.
  • Reduce congestion – When you are able to efficiently manage the flow of traffic through your site, you will be able to minimise the congestion on the roads. This leads to shorter travel times, reduced frustration for motorists, and greater safety all around.
  • Environmental benefits – Finally, incorporating portable traffic signals into your worksite or event can reduce your carbon footprint. Better traffic flow leads to fewer cars sitting idling and reduced air pollution, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Take control of congestion with portable traffic signals

No matter whether you are managing roadworks, planning a large-scale event, or need to undertake emergency repairs, portable traffic lights can help you reduce congestion and improve safety. Here at RPM Hire, we are proud to provide high-quality temporary traffic lights and signals designed to help make your sites efficient and safe.

Our solar-powered solutions are a sustainable alternative to permanent signals. They come equipped with a strong and sturdy dual trailer, allowing you to quickly position them as needed. Each of our lights are also efficient to set up, with one of our experienced team members able to set these up in under ten minutes.

Featuring 200mm LED lanterns, our temporary signals also offer maximum visibility no matter the conditions. Each light also features a radio link for communication and can be set with either manual or automatic control function, allowing you to quickly respond to changing traffic demands.

Capable of being used in both intersections and T-Junctions, our portable traffic lights are the perfect addition to any worksite. So, if you are looking to reduce congestion and improve safety, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products and how we can help you.


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