Damage Waiver

At RPM Hire we understand that ANYTHING can happen!

A small Damage Waiver Fee of 10% of your hire cost will cover you with NO MAXIMUM amount of cover…Saving you Thousands!

Your business will be, covered for;

  • Theft of equipment or part thereof
  • Vandalism
  • Incidental Damage
  • Collisions
  • Natural Disasters

Our business is built on providing unrivalled service and the complete hiring hassle-free experience…Saving Your Business Time & Money!

Please note the Damage Wavier Cover offered only covers certain products including Variable Message Signs (VMS), Variable Speed Limit Signals (VSLS), Portable Traffic Lights, Portable Light Towers, Portabooms and CCTV Trailers. Some of RPM Hire products are excluded from the Damage Wavier Cover, excluded products include Klemmfix, Crash Cushions (Absorbs 350 and QuadGuard CZ ), Concrete Barriers, Steel Barriers and Waterfilled Barriers (Armorzones)  . For further information on the Damage Wavier Cover please contact RPM Hire team on 1300 479 570.

The Damage Waiver covers the “lessee” for damage and theft to equipment. Terms and Conditions apply.

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